Shakira, Usher, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine – Come Together (The Voice) Live Performance

Shakira, Usher, Blake Shelton,  Adam Levine - Come Together (The Voice) Live Performance(video) \ ‘The Voice’ está de vuelta y también lo son las colaboraciones sorprendentes. Para dar inicio a la cuarta temporada , Shakira , Usher , Blake Shelton y Adam …

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  • Prixichay says:

    ADAM i love u… TE AMO..

  • Jimena Perez says:

    shakiraaa <3

  • Giselle Chacon says:

    Perfect <3

  • Anne Mason says:

    The Illuminati does not exist. No one I’ve talked to has given concrete evidence for it, except that there are occasionally triangles in music videos. But I agree with you otherwise, I love Shakira. 🙂

  • MrGunnymorales says:

    Shakira is a fuckin singing lamb!!! She has just one move, talented??? MY GOD…

  • N7SpecOpsKiller says:

    Usher and shakira baby all day

  • Yazzy wazzy says:


  • Mario González says:

    Can’t believe the level of racism that can be seen in the comments.

    People, they all four are amazing. They are great singers, all of them. Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green were amazing as well, but they’re gone. Deal with it. Open your mind, guys, ’cause if you don’t, you’d be living in the dark world of ignorance.

  • Andres Chacon says:

    shakira perfect

  • Maicon Rodrigues says:

    shakira perfect 2

  • George Jones says:

    Adam is the best out the four, he’s going to win this season

  • Anne Mason says:

    No, because she donates money and has a foundation she has a great personality. As for musical talent? Well…
    She can play the harmonica, drums, and guitar. Maybe you don’t like it, but her voice is incredibly unique and powerful. She sang the song for the World Cup, and she has been singing since the mid 90s. She is also spectacular at writing song lyrics and songs.
    So many people know so little about Shakira.

  • Gary Sabatino says:

    haha shakira can blow

  • emilio myxerman castillo says:

    You know usher has never picked up a base in his life lol

  • omennite says:

    I like her music …she start to be famous in MEXICO

    • If Mexico is so great, stay over there. She sure as hell wouldnt have gone global in Mexico. No one does. Name one globally known person in entertainment, from Mexico who didnt leave Mexico…? And any athletes there have to compete in a global arena. America, and some other countries,have sports organizations which dont even need to leave their home country, and they are known, worldwide. As for Mexico’s growth, they should be far ahead of America, because they are older, but they aren’t. Cell phone or computer youre on was developed, thanks to America. All things are. The money that you border hopping roach carrying slugs send back, you make in America. You sneak over, many bringing drugs and crime, pay very small % taxes, while most of us pay 30%, and then you whine you miss Mexico. Go back, take roaches with you, and stop talking about Mexican paradise. Ill bet you all loved it, when Trump was elected. Americans would never have elected him, if they werent so tired of Mexican cucarachas. Honestly, I know many, many Mexicans, and every one of them has roaches. Whats up?

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  • MissSG2 says:

    I love all pf them, but personally i didn’t like the song at all when they were singing it 

  • fernandosoriochi123 says:


  • MrGunnymorales says:


  • ymes2 says:


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  • KarlaMIH says:

    shak the best for ever & ever… i love this song

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