Where Do I Go From Here – Erica Mena *Official Music Video*

Where Do I Go From Here - Erica Mena *Official Music Video*(video) \ Silver Warrior Films Presents: Where Do I Go From Here was directed by J Jesses Smith. info@silverwarriorfilms.com for inquiries.

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  • Aliyah Stewart says:

    can wait to see olivias music video

  • aysha linares says:

    i like it no body is perfect

  • Chris Moreno says:

    I just falling and I can’t get up…wow

  • beautybliss21 says:

    Wack lmfao jus like the song annoying made no sense jus another opp for her to show her body looked low budget looking

  • MadameLisaRose says:

    I mean.. she has nice tits though. I guess that makes up for it

  • Devin Jones says:

    SMH!!! When I Say This Video Don’t Go With The Song…Ready For Olivia Music Video For The Song.

  • lildidi94 says:

    Cant lie she bad af.

  • SnugglePimp says:

    ohh lord. 🙁 it’s just not there. she should just stick to modeling. definitely. 🙁 it’s so awkward too. are you sad or are you sexy?

  • Joe Shanguvu says:

    Hahahaha sexyyy hahah

  • china cosme says:

    The bitch cant sing lmao olivia please kill this bitch

  • dukeentdotcom says:

    no talent…all she relies on is showing her boobs off as much as possible

  • Domonique Carey says:

    Oh my ! Star quality NOT EVEN ! This was a pure joke. The video had nothing to do with the damn song FIRST. Secondly, the tub scene was a bust ! Nothing screamed RECORD DEAL at all #sorry. Waiting for Olivias video ! Im sure it’ll be an I TOLD YOU FUCKIN SO !

  • itzyemi says:

    About this video…. the video makes me forget what the song is about. All i see is lame ass ratchet ass pussy and her fucking tits. Why is she in the tub with her outfit on. i mean u couldn’t get a fucking bathe suit really? This must be a joke!

  • glamgoddess9 says:

    CTFU! Ahahahahahaha…this seems like a joke. She has NO star quality whatsoever.

  • Joan Ekeruche says:

    She’s trying to imitate Nicki Minaj,but it doesn’t fit at all to be honest

  • christieluna44 says:

    This video is a shame for her like really have respect for urself n show u have the talent of singing not putting ur looks first because it only gets u so for before people realize u don’t have much to offer

  • MsLatino21 says:

    I like her voice; but she could have done a classier video. Her version is better than Olivia’s.

  • Mz Torres says:

    This was garbage she has a nice body I get it but come on this was horrible

  • Rashaad Crum says:

    she should’ve signed with rich 

  • lovenewhair35 says:

    It’s some real haters on here though and I know at least 95% of the wish they had you body when people hate that’s when you know you’ve made it… Keep doing your thing and looking good doing it. Olivia is a has been fake ass no talent 50 left that bitch I the dust so should her fans

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