Oscars 2013: Chicago Catherine Zeta-Jones ‘All That Jazz’

Oscars 2013: Chicago Catherine Zeta-Jones 'All That Jazz'(video) \ Oscars 2013: Chicago Catherine Zeta-Jones ‘All That Jazz’

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  • dorothy2295 says:

    yea she cant move like she did in the movie….

  • Kennedy Crozier says:

    Gosh, I love this so much.

  • kagentong says:

    i think kate hudson’s version still better .. .no offense

  • Melissa2087 says:

    Where can I find the non sped up version of this performance?

  • Moses Scober says:

    This isn’t the right version of this video…… It’s sped up

  • agemami says:

    Yes Catherine is dynamic the stars of yesterday . She sorta doesn’t fit in this time . I’m such a fan of hers 🙂 classy lady .

  • john buckley says:

    jt looks like data from star trek

  • Nikola Canić says:

    This is live!!! You can hear some flat notes. But it’s still great.

  • GerceChon says:

    why is this sped up?????

  • nexypointy says:

    doesn’t fit in? wow

  • Angelle Cupidon says:

    I love Chicago! It’s only of my favourite musicals

  • agemami says:

    I love Kate an Catherine they r both great dancers 🙂

  • agemami says:

    U e jealous Kate is great but Catherine is the shit !!!! That bob that face that talent !!!!

  • MildredDavisLloyd says:

    This is exciting! I love this song and love Catherine as Velma Kelly! This reminds me of when I did musical theatre(I performed this song!)! Oh, I felt so alive on stage! One of the greatest feelings ever! Watching this makes me want to get on stage, dance my hind end off, and sing my heart out! 😀

  • DemiLovatoFan1122 says:

    haha yeah whattaya want it’s almost 11 years ago 😉

  • TheDex178 says:

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  • agemami says:

    That’s the way she did it she performed it that way . Watch the movie 🙂 she was born to play this role an I love Kate Hudson but she is not better than Catherine . It’s just always a surprise when u see Kate put on her dancing shoes because we’re not used to seeing that talent 🙂 but Catherine has been a dancer and tap is a talent of her watch the movie !

  • Shaarme00 says:

    what the hell have you done?!?!?! why this speed up?!?!?!?!

  • Jessica Cieply says:

    I hope she didn’t lip sync to this, she sings much better than the movie 10 years ago! I mean, she was in “A Little Night Music” a few years ago on Broadway and has an amazing voice that sounds great live! Even if she did, she has a wonderful stage presence few had that evening!

  • 301Alpha says:

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