“Dragon Curve to Music” on Piano – Alan Stewart

(video) \ Composed for Numberphile’s video “Dragon Curve to Music” – Sheet music, created by Neil4096: https://

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  • erblacks says:

    I would love if you can do an extended version :)

  • DuxGladii says:

    Very good!

  • The1truesushiboy says:

    Way way WAY better than my dragon-curve based song. Of course, I’m a novice, but anyway… WOW. Love it!

  • Timo Hausakljúfr says:

    Right… I know it’s only been 15 hours since you said that, but… Are you done yet? Can I please please see? 😀

    Goodluck ! : )

  • moyrml says:

    ive written this on the numberphile video, not noticing the link to this account, and ill say it again:
    this melody is hauntingly beautiful.

  • krumse krum says:

    This is really great! I feel like I’m looking into the Mirror of Erised, perhaps it’s because of its magical, eerie, peaceful and profound atmosphere?

  • AlanKey86 says:

    Thanks for subscribing! Glad you liked it.

  • nutsinthecoco says:

    oh haha, thank you for the download, just love it.

  • Neil4096 says:

    I’m more or less done with a rough version of the sheet music now, but I’m going to have to wait for the MIDI file to correct any mistakes I’ve made… that shouldn’t be taking too long though, it will probably be up in a few hours!

  • Gideon Lamprecht says:

    I saw the Numberphile Video. The piece is so de ja vu; It’s like coming home after being away for a 1000 years…

  • Dick Ahlgern says:

    would it be possible to make a longer version of this song?^^ it feels like it’s the sort that can basically go on for ever 🙂
    would be really awesome to have this song maybe 5-10 min long 🙂

    also, you got another subscriber here^^

  • Twizzzle says:

    /watch?v=_DxjFs_dsR8 (the last waltz) reminiscent of

  • iCorx says:

    Beautiful song ! Even if it’s too short.
    But yeah amazing ! You got a new subscriber !

  • supermarc45 says:

    0:40 Strings appear? What kind of black magic is this?

  • Silverormen says:

    Wonderful, better off this way.

  • Timo Hausakljúfr says:

    Most impressive !
    I’m subscribing and will refresh my inbox until you’ve upload it.

    Take care. : )

  • marsbrain says:

    Simple and beautiful… That’s what makes a masterpiece! Subscribed.

  • moyrml says:

    i can recommend musescore. it opens midi files and allows you to define the shortest note when importing, so after fiddling around you can get not-ridiculous results

  • TheStripedPianist says:

    Absolutely beautiful song, great work!

  • superdupe8 says:

    loved it!

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