Mike Lynche – “Ready for Love” on American Idol TOP10 – Season 9 // March 30 2010

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www.American-Idol-HD.com Usher tells Mike to project to the back of the room. He demonstrates how to look through the camera to connect to the audience. Its a little creepy! Big Mike gets his guitar back, sits on a stool and sings. No big stage moves this week. A very quiet performancefor the most part, Mike has extraordinary vocal control. Very pretty. This is very different from what hes been doing in the live shows. Will the judges find it boring? Randy says, Very sensitive song, you are in the zone, Im loving every performance, it wasnt as exciting, but its good to pull back once in a while Ellen says, That was beautiful. She also makes a joke about Michael performing with his back to the judges (they had to watch it on a monitor) Kara says, I never heard that song before you picked it, you did an incredible job with it, you got to the true emotion of the song, tasteful, lovely. Simon says, This is probably the first time that I can actually take you seriously as an artist, although it was a little gloomy, you were being original, having a moment, instead of singing silly karaoke, I believed that performance, I thought it was terrific. Usher says, You did it man. Siobhan Magnus Through The Fire Casey James Hold On Im Coming Mike Lynche Ready for Love Didi Benami What Becomes of a Broken Heart Tim Urban Sweet Love Andrew Garcia Forever Katie Stevens Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin Lee Dewyze Treat Her Like A Lady Crystal Bowersox Midnight Train to Georgia Aaron Kelly

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  • countrybooky says:

    i agree with simon 100%

  • monjosh123 says:

    mayabang kasi

  • marlondaley says:

    did you see how the other contestants cried when he was eliminated, his own competition don’t what him to go…. he must be really full of himself.

  • allycattx says:

    BORING!!!!!! I like Big Mike, great guy, but boring……!

  • layla8181 says:

    i don’t understand why they save him… no offence but there are people who might need the save later!!! they will regret it next week?

  • MrDnile says:

    In the light of a some what glooming song, I think Big Mike took a huge risk which paid off.
    I can honestly say that Big Mike has restored the Judges faith in him.
    Mike is a talented R&B and soul singer, if Crystal could sing R&B I could make a fairer comment on each of there vocal abilites, as it is like compairing chalk and cheese.
    Lets face it, they a both taleted singers with unique styles, and I give them both props. enough said!

  • Kairosbland says:

    @lemonssourmymouth Remeber that night Jordan Sparks was supposed to go home?

    What ever happened to her?

  • srebrenika says:

    I did not realise this song that he sang was so beautiful. Never even listened to any of India Irie’s songs but I have checked out her videos and she is really really great. I’m a fan now. Fan of mikey too.

  • srebrenika says:

    Thanks Mike for singing this song. I never ever listened to it before, or even knew that India Arie wrote such beautiful songs. Not even Cara de guardio had ever heard of it before, so I am not alone. Love love loved it, mike. Good one.

  • EPPookie3430 says:

    OMG!!! He is soooooo talented, and his wife and daughter are so the loves of his life and he does all of this and does so wonderfully for them….He is so in his element, he is a very sensitive person and loving man, husband and father and he deserves to be the next American Idol….

  • lemonssourmymouth says:

    @Kairosbland No, its just, micheal lynche thinks he is the best..you can tell by the way he acts and just by the things he says. just in my poinion..i dont like him and i think he should have gone.

  • 39willieparker says:

    This fatass needs to go home.

  • KDaggett78 says:

    I think he did a great job! I LOVE India.Arie. She is my favorite artist and this is one of my favorite songs! I wish he would have made it a little more of his own but staying true to India’s style was also a good choice. I am looking for great things from him.

  • lovingangil says:

    another great performance

  • DavidNatur says:

    he must win!

  • mariofan4523 says:

    Tremendnous vocals, never hear him hit a bad note (not pitchy, Dawg!) I can accept his arrogance, as a lot of people blame him for, and look at it more as an array of confidence and self-arrurance. I see it as a good thing, stage presence and believability, which the other three don’t seem to be lacking. You’re the best, Mike!

  • mariofan4523 says:

    @mariofan4523 Correction at the bottom, “which the other three seem to be lacking.” Sorry!

  • mariofan4523 says:

    @39willieparker It’s nice you don’t judge on looks.

  • MsBabygirlprincess says:

    he is so cute for a big guy too bad he’s taken but i still love big mike i hope he gets a record deal anyway

  • shukigkato says:

    This was my favorite Mike performance!

  • drizzabella says:

    @lemonssourmymouth Maybe he has a reason to be this way..someone who has come a long way from any situation in life..should hold their heads high and be proud.. sometimes it comes across as a lil attitude but..you can tell real from fake. And he is real.

  • drizzabella says:

    People be hatin on mike and vote against him..thats the only reason he didnt win. He shoulda won no doubt. He has an amazing voice, and the fact he has a cute face and big muscles are bonus’s. 🙂 LOVE YOU MIKE!!! Who would ever think a personal trainer can sing!

  • shukigkato says:

    @drizzabella Mike received no love on internet forums and he was probably (definitely) the best male vocalist of the season, just ask Adam Lambert. That said, my favorite was Siobhan, not because of the wailing, but because of her incredibly rich tone.

  • bussy52 says:

    he ucshley has a realy good voice

  • TheNichole5 says:

    my fav of all times forreal i love him

  • PetLvr says:

    [The-Singers] Mike Lynche – “Ready for Love” on American Idol TOP10 – Season 9 // March 30 2010 http://bit.ly/bUySZg

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