“Here Comes Goodbye” – Rascal Flatts Official Music Video

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“Here Comes Goodbye” is the first single from Rascal Flatts’ album Unstoppable. www.rascalflatts.com

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  • ray14151 says:

    @shinyDeeya i agree

  • Rockstar1397 says:

    o god this song is my favorite ever my great grandma had this album sent to the whole family when she died this song is the very few things i have left of her

  • Rockstar1397 says:

    my mom has a disease also i dont know how to spell it and my great grnma passed away of cancer and it always skips a generationso i am scared i might have it but all we can do right know is live our lives to the fullest and try our hardest… im sorry about your unlcle and grandpa i know what it feels like to lose someone your close to…

  • victor23077 says:

    Guys and gals it just breaks my heart when u lose loved ones to ya to all u people that has lost a loved I am sorry

  • cshipp96 says:

    this song reminds me of when i lost the love of my life, very sad day,

  • tony2lgamd says:

    Very Beautiful Song Thrill Passed Trough My Body while listening to this song 🙁
    Here Comes GoodBye Where Every Dream Collapse

  • tdw2195 says:

    though about this song. it reminds me of when i lost the love of my life. 🙁

  • TheJWJB2010 says:

    @Rockstar1397 live life as is or regret everything you havent done. praying every second.

  • staceycrawley says:

    @Tylersgirl728 it does hint that the teenager gets pregnant, she was holding her tummy and also being sick. doesnt mean that she definately did but it is a slight hint there.

  • MultiInexpensive says:

    actually heres the trick. i clicked to speedyconversion..com to convert this vid to an mp3.

  • confusedKayla1234 says:

    awe.. so awesom 🙂

  • kris1989 says:

    lost the love of my life last night, everything i do reminds me of her, this song fits how i feel perfectly 🙁

  • DemonusRequiem says:

    @TheSNIPESHOW3 The opposite though too can be said, animals take in oxygen and put out carbon, but trees need the carbon that the animals produce, so by your logic, eating animals is just as destructive

  • BeautyxxBoutique says:

    this song is sad and definately hit home with “one day i thought i’d see her with her daddy by her side and violins would play here comes the bride”

  • MovieManMatt2009 says:

    I bloody love this video listened to it ten times in a row.

  • tvetenxxx says:

    284! this sucks!

  • riorocketxo says:

    Ok, it took me until the end to understand, but this is so, so, so sad.
    Rascal Flatts, if you make me cry anymore than you already have, I will have no tears left. :’)

  • mikeike131 says:

    i love this song its amazing

  • 1Ashleyparks1 says:

    i love this song.
    but like i don’t get the video.
    someone explain plz.
    love this band, don’t like country much
    but these kinds of songs i die for haha.(:
    plz and thank you.

  • PunkRockerChk09 says:

    @1Ashleyparks1 It’s about this girls father passing away. It shows her and her dad when she was little, she was having flashbacks. And at the end her father is with his grandson, because the girls son passed away too.

  • stargazer228 says:

    284 people dislike it now! 🙁

  • grizz000full says:

    @freedomisavirtue23 very true i stronley agree

  • Kenshin313 says:

    @1Ashleyparks1 The video does not fit the song that was written. It fits the sentiment of goodbyes, but the actual details are wrong which is why the video seems so confusing. It is about a girl’s father dying and the goodbyes of that. The spectres of her father and son look on as she goes to their graves. It’s extremely sad, and beautifully done. XD Me being the person I am, would have preferred a video that fits the breakup nature of the song when the song is so blatantly a break up song

  • lovely6227 says:

    actuallly heres the trick. click to mp3vidster..com to ripp this song from youtube.

  • johnhurt66 says:

    the 13,577 people who liked this are thinking in the right direction the 284 people that disliked this are stupid and have no idea what good music is

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