Coldplay Chris Martin – Steve Jobs Amazing Introduction of the band + “Yellow” live

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======================== Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces Coldplay plus Hit single Yellow live performance at the Apple Keynote event. Apple CEO Steve Jobs used a performance by Coldplay’s Chris Martin and a video of Lady Gaga to help launch new Apple music products during the company’s annual media event earlier today (September 1st). After rolling out a new lineup of iPod models, Martin took the stage to perform Wedding Bells on piano, as well as Viva La Vida and Yellow. We now have some more lyrics for Wedding Bells which you can read after the jump. You can catch up on all the discussion at the Coldplay forum, and also a recap on the setlist/videos/pictures in the Coldplay Live forum. You can also download various bits and pieces from Chris Martin’s performance in the Multimedia forum. [thanks to everyone who has posted videos, pictures, deciphered lyrics and download links!] Meanwhile as it was a live event there were several live official blogs in action… Jobs goes back to music: “We started doing this music stuff because we really like music,” he says. And Apple has invited Coldplay to perform “Please join me in welcoming Chris Martin!” he says to big applause. The singer jokes: This is probably the toughest closing gig I’ve ever had. I don’t have any products to unveil …”. Chris Martin isn’t sure whether he should wrap it or not, so he says, “Steve, can you tell me what to do?” to laughter. There’s a standing ovation for Chris Martin as he leaves the stage

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  • jairilio237 says:

    Dos grandes de esta época: el señor Steve Jobs y Chris Martin. Amazing!!!

  • aerdnamp45 says:

    Yellow a beautiful song¡¡

  • fartnox says:

    i think chris martin was sick at the time….

  • buggerkidd25 says:

    chris sang yellow bad 🙁 but he sang viva la viva 🙂

  • paarsbloed says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE I appreciate your opinion, but I saw him perform a year ago, and he was just Amazing. It was by far the best band I have ever seen, and I already saw lots of bands.

    Don’t be so frustrated that you won’t reach further then posting stupid comments on legens that sing.

  • MrSoCal4Life says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE Steve Jobs owns all the money in the world thats how Chris got 50 million albums sold Steve bought them all.

  • adiosc33755 says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE If you look back at all the revolutionary sounds in music, you’d notice that they all made mistakes, they are human, it’s inevitable. For instance, The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Harrison and Lennon weren’t hitting every note and pitch but it didn’t matter, because you can see the passion they were putting into it. They were also one of the only bands that didn’t lip sync their sets. Bands like CP are dying out to artists like Justin Bieber and others simply because they don’t fake.

  • adiosc33755 says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE To be fair, this is one performance out of thousands they have done. Also, He’s by himself, he doesn’t seem to have his usual monitoring system, maybe a small floor monitor, he’s by himself so that makes it more stressful to perform in front of that many people. I know from a musician point of view, all of those things can alter a performance very much. But, aside from my attempts at defending him, they’re still one of the most creative and inspiring bands as of yet.

  • adiosc33755 says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE Oh, and the statement “you wouldnt tolerate paying for crappy goods anywhere else” can only be answered by reading the news and seeing products being recalled and all of our manufacturing coming from China, which by the way isn’t one of the countries that display their quality ethic in a proud manor.

  • wierd657 says:

    whats the last song before chris asks for steve?

  • Trinnex says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE Feel free to think that, but please don’t state your opinions as if they were fact. You’re not changing anybody elses view on this performance, only spreading negativity to those who want to enjoy it. The fact of the matter is that we all have opinions, and they are just that. There is no right or wrong. And you’re right, this performance is nowhere near perfect…but one performance doesn’t make an artist. 🙂

  • PaulErly says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE You sound butt-hurt. That’s probably not even an original comment, because I assume people tell you that all the time. And that’s fine, you’re British, people normally assume you’re a pussy.

    By the way, GREAT youtube page. I enjoyed looking over your mediocre attempts at video editing, coupled with your poorly crafted music. How long have you been a flaming homo?

  • PaulErly says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE ROFL, you must be one of the people who assume you know everything, since you assumed that I liked Coldplay. But again, based on the faggetry of your videos, I pretty much assumed that.

    How hard do people laugh at you when they see your video about Top Gun?

  • PaulErly says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE Hey Goose, long time no talk. I was actually hoping that today when I checked my email you’d have something witty to say. You can imagine my disgust when this wasn’t the case 🙁

    And if you read very closely you’ll realize that I did not, in fact, respond to what you said about Coldplay. You’ll also notice nothing in any of my comments have even mentioned Coldplay up until this post. If I use two question marks does that make me more serious?? What if I use three???

  • rrpauldoran says:

    There had god damn better have been a standing ovation for Chris!!!

  • adiosc33755 says:


  • PaulErly says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE LOL, yeah I’m the one who’s not very good at this. That must be why you’ve only managed to copy everything I say.

    Bad trolls are bad.

  • PaulErly says:

    @AREASHIFTYONE ROFL, you lack so much wittiness. I guess I lose because even the video owner thinks your comments are terrible.

    Let me know when you have something clever to respond with. I’ll be here.

  • kahuna3901 says:

    what a sell out.

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