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Official promo music video for “Street of Dreams” performed by Rainbow. This is the full length version in HQ. Released in 1983 (C) Polydor Records on the album Bent Out of Shape. A remastered CD reissue was released in May 1999, which restored the artwork of the original release. Joe Lynn Turner – vocals Ritchie Blackmore – guitar David Rosenthal – keyboards Roger Glover – bass Chuck Burgi – drums The lyrics are posted below: I heard the sound of voices in the night Spellbound there was someone calling I looked around no one was in sight Pulled down I just kept on falling Ive seen this place before You were standing by my side Ive seen your face before tonight Maybe I just see what I want it to be I know its a mystery Do you remember me on a street of dreams Running through my memory On the street of dreams There you stood a distant memory So good like we never parted Said to myself I knew youd set me free And here we are right back where we started Soemthings come over me And I dont know what to feel Maybe this fantasy is real Now I know I see what I want it to be But its still a mystery Do you remember me on the street of dreams Running through my memory On the street of dreams You are on every face I see On the street of dreams Solo Tell me have you always been On the street of dreams Will we ever meet again my friend Do you know just what it meand to be On the street of dreams Never know just who youll see do ya On the street of dreams You can be who you want to be

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  • RockStarSoul says:

    Thank you for posting this! I haven’t seen the video since…… omg, the early 80s when MTV had all their original VJs. 27 years? Jeez, dude, I’m old! A big thumbs up to you.

  • seanandtracey1 says:

    just got saved to my faves!! long live the old mtv!!!


    @apollo13jim The video is very weird. The song is great. It’s one of the best rock songs of all time. It’s simple, but great. This was back when I really liked MTV. MTV was the bomb back then. Hey, videos were kind of new back then, so many were kind of crap.:)

  • Emowolf87 says:


  • roadfromhell says:

    old video song but very nice song ..

  • STEVE25406 says:

    all of Rainbows stuff rocked. i thought I would see them in 1979 in omaha .they were to warm up for Blue Oyster Cult.The show was supposed to start at 8 .At about 9 a dude came on stage and said Rainbow couldn’t make it (boo) but that BOC would jam even more (cheers).Horseshit,I was pissed.I wanted to see rainbow.BOC put on a good show but i got robbed.That was the only show I went to where that happened.30 years later some thing still smells like shit there

  • davehutchinson67 says:

    Do you remember me…..on the street of dreams…running through my memory…on the street of dreams….another haunting soulful tune from a bygone era I wish at times I could go back to.

  • davehutchinson67 says:

    @gibraeel12 Joe Lynn Turner my young student. I really don’t even remember Dio in Rainbow…I sure as hell remember Joe Lynn Turner and Graham Bonnett..who can forget…maybe I was too stoned…that was a problem back then. lol

  • MegaBuzz1 says:

    We had the best music in tje 80’s … Much better than the CRAP we have now !!! Thanks for sharing !!! Brought Me Back to a Great time in my Life !!

  • bigleagues says:

    Wow, what a concept . . . actual film making skills put into a video and not some film school wannabe hack.

    That said, still hard to believe this is the same band that once had the immortal Ronnie James Dio front it.

    Great song though.

  • bigleagues says:

    And that chick was H.O.T. in a mid-80’s sort of way.

  • nathantim says:

    Ive been just blasting this song everywhere in my car lately lol. It’s so good.

  • boxingin says:

    One of the true great power ballads of all time. I’m currently learning how to play this song at the moment.

  • aschyawitiiz says:

    i personally think Ritchie was at his best with Rainbow although he did do some good stuff later on with Blackmores Night

  • thknlrn says:

    WOW I Forgot about this song….Love It!!! I Swear…..If Sylvester Stallone and Sondra Locke had a kid, it would look like the Lead Singer.

  • ravenwood8675309 says:

    The scene with the therapist reminded me of the Danny Kaye classic, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!” Great stuff! When the last clock strikes the last hour, may you find who you love waiting for you on the street of dreams!

  • Jacbyl says:


  • wjdebbi says:

    I had totally forgotten about this video! I love this song! Thanks for posting!

  • ravenwood8675309 says:

    Who is the guy on the shrink’s couch??? I read on this page that he was Alexander Siddig of Deep Space 9 fame. Could that possibly be true??? This is a great vid!

  • SeYoNoYeS says:

    Great song? Classic?? You guys really should check out Rainbow´s pre-80 stuff instead….This is souly aimed at the American “KMBW on your FM-dial” market and as such pretty pointless. I don´t blame Richie at all though, a mans gotta eat and he was just trying to squeeze the very last penny out of his own creation…

  • kyl3e9287 says:

    one of rainbows best good band wish ritchie blackmore still played rock

  • LiveCrueltyFreeNow says:

    Love this song and this video. JLT was SO yummy back in the day. Yowsa.

  • rebelcolonist says:


  • lin4ooo says:

    There is one Hanahs fan .

  • derail33 says:

    @thknlrn yo, sondra. we have a kid?

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