Background Music Instrumental | Another Dimension (Music for Studying)

Background Music Instrumental | Another Dimension (Music for Studying)(video) \ Relaxing, Instrumental Background Music to Help You Study and Focus. Type: Ambient Music Was Study Music Project Helpful? Your opinion:

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  • StudyMusicProject says:

    muy bien, gracias!

  • fhogter says:

    Super cool tu música,ahora mismo estoy estudiando las bacterias del aparato digestivo: Enterobacterias y me siento transportándome a su micromundo, hola E. coli? como estas? jajajaja

  • heylookitsdaniela says:

    This is so perfect.

  • Alexander Gallego says:

    Gracias, es excelente tu musica. 🙂

  • crissyfm says:

    I’ve been using your music for several semesters now to help me study! nothing works quite like this! Thank you!

  • Jadaj14 says:

    I love this, I actually like studying now because of your music 😀

  • Sze Tang says:

    I just like your music and artwork… I don’t know you but the music makes me feel like I know you personally. That’s powerful.

  • Raimonda KriaučiÅ«naitÄ— says:

    It’s the only music that helps me concentrate while studying. Thanks a lot :))

  • Peace Perry says:

    I listened to this and got 104.3% on my final exam! The best study music EVER!

  • StudyMusicProject says:

    no problem! thank you for listening to my music! i’m so glad it helps!

  • Ivan Ko says:

    Thank you very much for your awesome music!! I really appreciate you guys and this song is amazing as well !

  • StudyMusicProject says:

    wow! thanks alot for keeping up with my music! getting another degree is no easy task, but i’m sure you can do it!! good luck! and thanks again for listening!

  • thepokemonlover01 says:

    Damn this is the first I’ve ever heard of an exam in which you get over 100% XD
    (For those of you don’t know, I live in Canada – Our exams only go up to 100%)

  • MsDennyDee says:

    ✿•♫♪•*”*•✿•♫♪ Wonderful !!!

  • Jana Bean says:

    Your music help tremendously during my studies for my first degree. First thing I did after registering for another degree? See what new music was on your channel 🙂 You really have NO idea how much your music helps me concentrate and focus! Thank you from the bottom of my brain 😉

  • Frostything says:

    I just listened to several of the StudyMusicProject songs while drawing… It calmed me and gave me patience with the drawing.

  • bosireee says:

    Dennis Kuo you legend, I don’t care if I pass my exams, but at least I had a blast revising for them with your beautiful music

  • StudyMusicProject says:

    lol thanks alot man! totally appreciate it

  • Ana Ilicic says:

    This helps all the time:) Thank you …your awsome! <3

  • KatjaCon says:

    this is awesome!!! sometimes it’s the only thing that helps me write a paper. Thank you so much!

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