Berlin – Original song for 12 cellos (and a kick drum) – ThePianoGuys

Berlin - Original song for 12 cellos (and a kick drum) - ThePianoGuys(video) \ Pre Order Our BRAND NEW CD/DVD here!! (includes Berlin): Use Promo Code “PIANODLX” Pre Order Our BRAND NEW album here!! (includes …

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  • Nyxsedi says:

    Playing in the background is what we would call “Cello Beatboxing”

  • Bob Anderson says:


  • DigitalZephyr44 says:

    They likely edited the individual frames there. Steve was likely standing off to one side of the chair/drum, and the place he was standing in was cropped out, and overlayed with that section of the wall/sidewalk from either a still, or another image from the same scene. As long as the camera is in the same place and nothing in the background is changing, it works great. There are more ways to skin a cat, but if I was editing this video, and I wanted him to disappear, that’s what I’d do.

  • pillowpettur says:

    i love this song but it would be awesome if u played elfentanz by david popper. i love that song too

  • Melody Sings says:

    This is so beautiful! 😉 these guys really have the magic and touch in music! 🙂 you can like hear every note and just let it flow through. It’s so relaxing with such an zing scenery of Berlin! 😀

  • CK Flores says:

    Berlin is a lucky place.

  • krazykk4 says:

    Im lost. Is that not a snare drum sound?

  • czeslawa from hell says:

    Gief new album !!! ;p

  • TheHero189 says:

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  • smgajs says:

    omg u guys went to germany!!! cant believe it and i didnt see you!! is there any chance u guys coming london?

  • LHSKlex says:

    It’s amazing ! The begining makes me think of Ewan Dobson time 2 song

  • littlefattyxf . says:

    ^ x ^

  • CK Flores says:

    Heaven on Earth <3

  • Rookey34 says:

    I love the music, but when I watch the video the guy looks like he is either constipated or climaxing. It weirds me out.

  • Maria Andersen says:

    That is so awesome! 😀 Great music!

  • Nyxsedi says:

    Classically Awesome?

  • abecline says:

    This IS what modern music sounds like… smart aren’t we?

  • Маренков Кирилл says:

    СУПЕР !!! Это просто красиво !

  • Haroon Ghori says:

    I don’t play the cello, but i assume that if it is made of wood, a wet cello could get badly warped.

  • black06201 says:

    ich bin ein PianoGuy 🙂

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