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Band: 8th Day Song: “Ya’alili” Album: Chasing Prophecy Directed by: Larry Guterman Produced & Written by: Chaim Marcus This is the official music video featuring “Ya’alili” from 8th Day’s new album called ”Chasing Prophecy”, composed by Shmuel Marcus, produced & arranged by Bentzion Marcus. To buy the new album: itunes.apple.com Or www.mostlymusic.com For band info, more pics & full credits: www.my8thday.com Cast Gabe & Rebeka Boxer as Family Shopping David Comedie as Duduk Player Melvin Cross as Shelf Stocker Ari Heinamen as Butcher Levi Miller as Child Shopper Avram Pengas as Bouzouki Player Mendel Romanenko as Custodian Eli Schwebel as Shopper @ Checkout Yiannis as Doumbek Player Shloimy Zeiger as Drummer/Butcher Dancers: Dov Ber Blarberg, Sharshi Borisute, Brian Domino, Yehosua Engelson, Levi Jacobson, Mendel Jacobson, Menachem Mendel Korf, Mendel Romanenko, Roovi Shapiro, Berel Teitelbaum,Yossi Tatik Bukharian Dancers: Avrohom Davidov, Daniel Khaimov, Yossi Yusupov, Avrohom Zavulunov, Roma Zavulunov VFX Planet Blue Shot entirely at Pomegranate Supermarket, in Midwood, New York. For max enjoyment, watch at full HD resolution. Click the “360” button on the screen and choose 720p HD or 1080p HD. Do you Ya’alili?!

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  • stars1836 says:

    @RavenFauxVI There are women in the video in the aisle with others. So they are not dancing, but at least they are in the video. It might seem Not fair that we can’t dance with men. However, we women can dance with each other and we do like at a wedding etc. Eventhough it’s separate dancing, it’s still fun.

  • blimiryback says:

    why is it called yalili

  • hdsbr2b says:

    Yalili: arabic for “come”
    Tanz: Yiddish for “dance”
    Habibi:Arabic for “my love”

  • blimiryback says:

    what does benshabati mean

  • stars1836 says:

    I thought habibi is my friend. Anyway, cool how they say an askenaz and sephardic word next to each other 馃檪

  • justinrudd says:

    Great video.

  • RavenFauxVI says:

    @aviiluz1: Thanks for your comment. My answer is: I don’t have time to watch every video on youtube. I have a life. Really. Now, please tell me if you think women are less than equals to men based upon 4,000 years of oppression and suppression passed off as “tradition” resulting from the secret directions of a quasi-corporeal companion as expressed to violent, ignorant desert nomads. Consider the fact that this is the 21st Century.

  • MGRAlaskan says:

    Great song, great video

  • MGRAlaskan says:

    coolness squared

  • RavenFauxVI says:

    @MegaJoshin Feminist? secular humanist? pagan? My friends and my radical feminist wife would fall on down laughing. I am not Jewish. I’m indifferent to religion. It is not an excuse for prejudicial treatment. Tradition is not knowledge. The comments about (not) wanting to be Jewish were hyperbole. The presumptions you made say that you didn’t read for content. Are women complimented by being represented by a broomstick and two stereotypes? Please respond to the same challenge made to aviiluz1

  • abster123451 says:

    @RavenFauxVI dont worry i checked, the meat is from a female cow so its all good

  • oren450 says:

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    I wish to buy in the supermarket in the background playing Teranaas.

  • NNuuNNiiGGiiRRll says:

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    the best song!!!! i like that!!!!

  • RebbetzinTap says:

    I LOVE IT!

  • RebbetzinTap says:

    I LOVE IT!

  • RebbetzinTap says:

    I LOVE IT!

  • avizm says:

    讛讬诇讚讬诐 诪讚讛讬诪讬诐!!!

  • avizm says:

    @xcheerleaderxoxo Yes. it’s written in the credits under “special thanks”

  • avizm says:

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  • shalompeace1321 says:


  • stars1836 says:

    @RavenFauxVI Men and women are equal. Eventhough, the two have different roles, they are still both important in serving Hashem

  • majerlamm says:

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  • aviiluz1 says:

    @RavenFauxVI obviously woman are important but not putting them in a video is not something to go cry about, but if you want to i think CVS sells Kleenex for 99 cents

  • abbyyqoototwamp says:

    are the dudes in the pomegranate uniforms real employees or just hired dancers?

  • aviv1q2w3 says:

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