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Distributed in the US by WMG. “Camilo” by State Radio from Us Against The Crown, available now. Download on iTunes: Links: “Camilo” Lyrics: Woke him up with a barrel to his head His eyes shut tight bracing for the blow Resigning his life to the metal held In another man’s hand Twenty days in a concrete fallout What life have I to take your own Oh my country won’t you call out Doorbells are ringing with boxes of bones And from another land’s war torn corners To a prison cell in my own Punish me for not taking your orders But don’t lock me up for not leavin’ my home Your words just a bloody fallacy A house of cards you painted white You tried to recreate Normandy But you made up the reason to fight And now red oil is spillin’ down on the street And your eyes so big for the belly is weak Will you not refuse this currency Or is blood money just money to you Is blood money just money to you Twenty days in a concrete fallout What life have I to take your own Oh my country won’t you call out Doorbells are ringing with boxes of bones From another land’s war torn corners To a prison cell in my own Punish me for not taking your orders But don’t lock me up for not leavin’ my home Camilo Camilo Leave him alone Camilo

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  • mp5logan says:

    @presetlimits FUCk you you would go fucking AWOL X10 if you knew what it was like to have bullets that can end your life in 5 seconds flying at you and your praying that you don get hit by one

  • trummelwirbel says:

    @MrRoberto277 who voted bush? you did!!
    The bigest part of amercia did! So if you want it or not its your fault and you shouldnt blame the irakies you should blame your self your the agressor! You should end war right now, if you re against it but you arent. Your hole system is crap you can only choose between two sides bad or worse!
    Its naive to say its land of the free and brave i think its the land of the craven you attack a land that hasnt done anything to you. You are the terrorists

  • friiksquirrel says:

    I love it when he say “so we play this song to honor all out brothers and sisters fighting over in Iraq on both sides”

  • karpfenfeatsalg says:

    1:11 :
    is he bleeding?!

  • BruisedASScheeks says:

    wow this song is soo chill

  • Ozku9 says:

    @karpfenfeatsalg it’s just fake blood or he has cutted himself, you know someone maybe think thats ”cool” i thinks is is stupid. I think this song is pretty good but who started war in Iraq was yankees and now they cry after their soldiers who have died and then they want kill everyone who is from Middle-east. I mean USA started it, it is their fault like Vietnam War’s 2000000 civilians they killed. USA is country we all could flush avay from toilet.

  • keeperkylegk says:

    @Ozku9 The blood is probably from playing guitar. That would be why it is on his fingers. Don’t jump to conclusions

  • a7xmonster101 says:

    one of the most beautiful songs ever… right next to into the night by say anything 🙂

  • SeisTresUno says:

    @leesard17 you’re delusional and naive

  • leesard17 says:

    @SeisTresUno Actually no im not delusional and truthfully I care more about human rights than most people. Here’s what I will say, Saddam Hussein’s rule was brutal as are the rules of many of the “non-democratic nations” but at least there’s transparency in these countries. People know whats going on and people hate it. In America delusional naive idiots like you will gladly support a government that is all about control and POWER. If you truly believe that America went in for WMDs or to topple

  • leesard17 says:

    @SeisTresUno a dictator than youre exactly what they want. People like you will praise and worship the government as they strip away your rights, steal your money. America went into Iraq for Oil and to support the military industrial complex. America’s only aim has always been world control, enslaving the people, etc etc. If youre not too busy worshipping your great savior Obama, take the time to watch “The Obama Deception” or Loose Change.” Go read about the New World Order. OPEN YOUR EYES

  • leesard17 says:

    All that being said, I LOVE THIS SONG.

  • leesard17 says:

    @trummelwirbel EXACTLY, while I dont agree with you that “Bush” is entirely responsible for the war – hes just a puppet – the oligarchy is behind this ,
    AMERICA has always fought wars for no other reason that MONEY aka the Military Industrial Complex. Probably why JFK was killed by the CIA.

  • colacakes4me says:

    @leesard17 well first of all leesard, u are the biggest bull shitter ive ever met, cuz no one who comes back from war is addicted to kill. when u come back from the war, u realize what really everything is about, and u are much more mentally understanding, and u will never want see another dead creature in their life. shame on ur lying ass for making up bullshit about the people who protect ur family. ohh, and the government is smart for fighting it out in afghan, so its not in the US…Bitch

  • TheJcgriffin says:

    @Nyrocs57I agree, though I will comment that arguments like this are a function of American freedom, though it may be an odd place for it. I agree that it is unlikely that this youtube feed will have much impact overall, however, open dialogue is a way to vent ideas and receive feedback. While the comments are often confrontational they are also enlightening. Before you can make impactful action, it is important to engage in this kind of debate. Where else can you get such diverse feedback?

  • leesard17 says:

    @colacakes4me Watch the MTV True Life episode on PTSD. And watch the wikileaks video of the deranged soldier whos begging for permission to gun down three reporters who have “weapons” – actually a shoulder bag with their cameras. Youre so naive. The US has fought all of its wars for its own profit and nothing more. Compared to the destruction theyve wrought on so many other nations, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor are small in comparison.

  • leesard17 says:

    @colacakes4me And let me tell you when a soldier comes in to your home and guns down your innocent family because they “think youre a terrorist” you wont be worshipping them anymore. The truth is, you think because you’re American you deserve everything in life and that the rest of the world is second class, That is your fucking mentality and its got to change. Innocent Iraqi men and women and children died for WHAT?! No one has a reason for that war, no one ever will. except for “RED OIL.”

  • leesard17 says:

    @colacakes4me Believe me I respect the majority of soldiers but there are quite a few who have no regard for human life. And just so you know, to the American government these lives are dispensable.
    Many people who come back from the war – especially those who have seen killing and have killed are traumatized- suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many are not in their right mind – so I really doubt that they are “more mentally understanding”

  • colacakes4me says:

    @leesard17 ok, so ur going to back ur information up on an unreliable T.V. show for 13 year olds. get ur facts straight, and know that im enlisting in the marines. Yah thats right “First in and Last out” if u insult the ones who risk their life to give everyone a worry free life, u should find a life urself. and u know what, we are the #1 one buying country in the world, which in result keeps whatever fuckin country your living in alive. it actually keeps almost all countries alive you dumb fuk

  • colacakes4me says:

    @leesard17 oh, and u think were the sellfish ones cuz were trying to stop the ones who are imposing death over all sister countries, the ones who are trying to take over the world? were in their trying to stop this war because thats what weve done for the longest time. look at WWII, after the ar was over, we rebuilt all of germany even after they killed millions because thats how we are.

  • colacakes4me says:

    @colacakes4me ohh, and also, killing an innocent family, how about killing 3000 innocent amercans in the world trade center, as a matter of fact leesard, we have the right to do whatever the fuckk we feel like over there, they inflamed our peace, and now were gunna inflict more damage than they inflicted over here. im sorry thats the way it is but get ur head out of ur ass and wake up. this is reality. and apparently u cant deal with it, so shut ur god dam mouth.

  • SHR2012FOOTBALL says:

    arguing on the internet is like the special olympics, even if you win, ur still retarded

  • WEWAFILMS says:

    The fact is war is a way to make high profits. The U.S. and other countries have been practicing this money building skill for years. The problem is innocent people die for the profit of a few. Ive heard from soldiers themselves that this war is all nonsense. Its takes more courage to stand up for what you believe in than to carry a gun and do what your told.

  • WEWAFILMS says:

    You soul seems frozen over and if you get your head out of your ass and do some research you will find that these wars in the middleeast were completely set up and planned before 9/11. Planes did not bring those towers down like that, it is impossible! ps. the majority to mostly all 9/11 victim’s family are for a reopening on the 9/11 investigation. So I trust someone’s opinion who was directly affected over some fool who spits out what he is fed through the mainstream news broadcasters

  • colacakes4me says:

    @WEWAFILMS haha, ur from the crowd of people who follow in their parents footsteps i bet. i know exactly what the fuck is going on , and their was no bombs attacthed to those planes, you people blame all of your problems on the government and find no fault in yourselves. if you dont like what is going on with something you will make up more lies and more bullshit than ever. truth is, you have no say, so learn to keep ur bullshit opinions to urself.

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