Sick of Sarah “Bittersweet” (OFFICIAL music video)

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Sick of Sarah “Bittersweet” (OFFICIAL music video) Directed By: Shane Nelson Buy Album: Add us on Myspace: Add us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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  • Parkerjacks says:

    Abisha is hot…
    (I’m just sayin’)

  • darnitz says:

    @richardmorrison78 i can’t believe you just compared them to paramore *facepalm*

    honestly, why does every other band have to be compared to paramore…?

  • narutosweetchick16 says:

    @darnitz i know right, what the heck, i mean Paramore is in a league all by themselves, but then i’m a big paramore fan, you might not agree.

  • narutosweetchick16 says:

    @darnitz i know right? i mean waht the heck? Paramore is in a league all by themselves, i am a big paramore fan and i think why they are successful is because no one else has their sound they are unique.

  • kimodizzle says:

    soooo good

  • Chrislovesparties says:

    I really love their songs, abisha sounds amazing!
    But in somesongs her voice reminds me of Paramore or Emily whitehurst of Tsuname Bomb…
    But anyways, all 3 Bands are great ;P

  • rebeccam2 says:

    @richardmorrison78 how does this sound like paramore…… they sound nothing alike just because they both have girl singers…?

  • jesuslol001 says:

    Im sorry,people who compare these to Paramore are stupid. They sound nothing like Paramore.
    For a start Paramore songs are more drums & riff based.
    If you actually listen Sick of Sarahs instruments all match one another.
    In Paramore it’s a bit more over the place but the final product is great.
    I’m Sick of Sarah & Paramore fan but anyone who compares the 2 knows nothing about music………..

  • jesuslol001 says:

    …………….They are equally as good as each other but their sound is completely different.
    Go listen to Hey Monday & see who sounds more like Paramore; Sick of Sarah or them

  • diapolical says:

    Sick of Sarah is so awesome, i want you to come and play in Finland cause i live here <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • SickofSarah says:

    @diapolical One day we hope too! Please help spread Sick of Sarah love to your friends! Xoxo, SoS 🙂

  • jesuslol001 says:

    P.S I’ve got all my friends into your music….they love you guys!! But not as much as me 😀 I really do hope you can come to England…and soon (preferably Stoke-on-Trent)
    All the best ladies xx

  • theyounglinggig says:

    WTF i put Wiz Khalifa into music map and this shit came up haha oh and they are totally at a ski resort

  • jangle116 says:

    ugh! im so in love with this song. this song is just perfect the beat is so amazing, i would learn drums just to play this song. i <3 sick of sarah!!

  • riotgrrrl582 says:

    wow i just found you guys and i luuv u! the music is awesome, keep making it!

  • insanemizfit says:

    When you girls come to NY or surrounding areas, I’m so going! I’ll travel if i have too <333! Love SOS!

  • SarahSilhoutee123 says:

    come to Scotland! :O it would be magiccc:)! i love sos. :)!
    my names sarah<3 hahah! ;D xxxxxxxxxx

  • seven1nine says:

    You all should come to Colorado sometime…I hear the weather here is pretty awesome and you definitely have some fans here! Even ones that knew you in Oki! =)

  • araeahkalese says:

    OMG IM IN LOVE!!!!

  • YOUNGBLOODvids4fans says:

    You got SOS love here in Massachusetts <3

  • ShadowsMacabre says:

    Love from Olympia! <3

  • kittay1235 says:

    HOW COME I NEVER HEAR OF YOU GUYS UNTIL NOW?! i saw one of your vids on mtvU playlist and i flippin fell in love! you guys are so awesomeness! hope you guys play her in California! You got love here!

  • Beautifulrandomness1 says:

    I must relate to the comment below mine…saw one of your videos on Mtv U( very glad I did…and looked up more of your music….you guys are awesomeness..rock on!

  • SebastianRocks02 says:

    great song! first time i listened to it i got really into it…

  • Vamp554Luna says:

    i wish my band didn’t break up and we could’ve kept trying to get notice by a record person that would be awsome to be famous

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