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Hey everyone,

This is a very different type of video. I recently took up painting again and some of you requested a Speed Painting video so here it is. Sit back, enjoy the music and paint with little Bubz.

This is my 3rd painting lesson with Tim Gagnon. He is a fellow Youtuber and amazing artist. I found him a week ago and have been OBSESSED with his painting techniques. His passion inspires me so much and I’m learning so much from him right now.

I’m currently taking the Misty Forests lessons from his website

You guys can check out his Youtube Channel:

I’m sharing his channel and website because I’m learning so much from him and sharing the joy. I’m not paid by this or anything. I just think he’s great and deserves to be known more. I know a lot of you guys are aspiring artists out there and I know Tim would teach amazing things to you all like I did.

For 2012, I decided to take up painting for one of my resolutions. I loved painting as a child. I was obsessed with art because I can go anywhere through my drawings. It freed me because it allowed me to escape from the busy World.

As I get older, I really realize that the simplest things make me happiest. Sometimes, I feel like the World moves too fast for me. Almost 8 years after High School, I plucked up courage to paint again. Painting somehow slows down time for me because it allows me to be 100% focused on the painting.

You guys can read my diary post
for my painting story. I hope it also inspires you guys to go back to your passions. I know we can become occupied with life but really, this has given me back lots of meaning in my life again. I don’t think people realize how short life really is so do all the things you want to do that inspires you while you can. Make the most out of it.

I’m still learning from Tim right now (You guys should see his original painting of the one I did lol, it’s like…breathtaking!!!). It will be a while for me to be as skillful (or if not, half as skillful) as he is. But one day, I would love to give away one of my paintings to you guys as a gesture. If I ever hit 1 million subscribers- that would be such a special thing to do.

Some of you mentioned I can auction a painting and put the money to charity. That’s a great idea but it makes me nervous. It’ll be a fun and good cause and I’ll work hard practicing for that day.

Ps. Music “Path of Wind” orchestra version from my fav Studio Ghibli anime “Totoro”. Nostalgic!! and also “From the Inside out” instrumental from Hillsong.

Have a great day,

Much love, Bubz xx

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  • happytreebeauty says:

    This is amazingly beautiful. You’ve inspired me to start painting again, haha. (: My high school only offers electives every other year so I wasn’t able to take art this year, so I stopped painting. I still sketch a lot but there’s just something about painting…
    Also, I realized that every painting I’ve ever done has had a tree in it. They’re just so beautiful and fascinating. (:
    Keep painting Bubz, God bless. (:

  • BomChickaWahWah01 says:


  • mikaelamm2000 says:

    Bubz this is soo beautiful i didnt know you painted! Ur such an inpiration so dont be afraid to go after what you love:)

  • sweetkathleenanne says:

    I want that. 😀
    luv bubz. <3

  • kokobubo says:

    you are such an amazing person!

  • lilshamrock222 says:

    Omg that is soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u could do a giveaway with one of ure paintings someday !!!

  • Whyamiherel0l says:

    i need how to painting videos because I cant do anything better then some bad Microsoft Paint Art.

  • Cutiekatluv says:

    Wow, that was absolutely beautiful. I’ve always loved drawing, it’s been something that I’ve liked to do for a long time, but I’ve never been good with painting. ^^; You’ve inspired me though to keep trying though, which I really appreciate. You are an absolutely amazing girl. Thank you so much, for everything. 🙂 I wish you luck on your future. ^^

  • HelloToki16 says:

    That is such a beautiful painting Bubz. You are such an inspiration to everyone to keep doing what they love. Keep on following your dreams.:)

  • MsClassytina says:

    this is beautiful i love it!!! im an art major myself and by god…this is amazing!!! id totally buy it!! =]

  • zhihan33 says:

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    3. the video above—- the most ironical and interesting video I think): ): ): ): ) : ): ): ): ): )

  • JayISeeATree says:

    Lindy, We are all so proud of you !!
    Your long time subscribers have seen you grow and its amazing 🙂
    When someone has a passion for art, you can see it in their paintings.
    You have many gifts that God has given you: abide in who HE is and soar with them !
    You are an inspiration<3 Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • SATMannell says:

    It’s beautiful 🙂 It’s good that you’ve started painting again.

  • daisylorenzo14 says:

    Bubz, I would love to buy that painting off of you. It’s gorgeous….

  • DestinysOnlyWish says:

    You should paint the beach next! 🙂

  • LuvDemCakkes says:

    this is so beautiful:)

  • abcxiong says:

    i love your painting  and its so amazing … i wish i was good as you

  • wheresbobbyfischer says:

    Ah, I knew this painting looked familiar. I like your interpretation of it. 🙂

  • callethathegreat says:

    I recognize a totoro song! Path of Wind! YAY!

  • thebeautifulgame64 says:

    This is totally true, painting is probably one of the most realeasi

  • Iycilis says:

    Is the Song from Totoro???? I really love this song!

  • razzledazzle867 says:

    WOW !! Beautiful <3

  • SilenceSoundOfDeath says:

    That was beautiful 🙂

  • Squnhao says:

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    3. the video above—- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

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