Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed

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The official music video from Miley Cyrus performing “Can’t Be Tamed.” ┬ę 2010 Hollywood Records, Inc.

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  • StarbriteChii20 says:

    god i lost so much respect for her when she made this damn video. do you know how many girls looked up to her??? my 9 year old cried asking what happened to miley cyrus??

  • MrErickk12 says:


  • boogirlone says:

    I don’t. She doesn’t have to act like a uhh… (i don’t cuss) a…. ummm…. “W” word. (you should know what i mean) Anyway, i don’t hate her, but i just despise HER greatly. But not some of her songs. I like her songs.

  • TheUnclesAreBack says:


  • amara319 says:

    not a miley cyrus fan but she is growing and doing her own thing. i like this song and when i look at you. do you miley! gluck

  • JessiRain94 says:

    Ok take a good look at whens he first started out singing and now big diffrence

  • jblover626 says:

    i like this song, but honestly, she is still pretty much one of the major faces of disney, and even though she is getting older… she really should be a little more classy…

  • CCdominique says:

    51,006 people got tamed

  • NeltaWhite says:

    luv u miley

  • adultswimla says:

    See this amazing imitation of Miley Cyrus:


  • mombojambo1 says:

    she’s a buckteeth thats all i can say

  • Yuna2821 says:

    @boogirlone haha sameee…i dont hate her…i despise her with a fiery passion and im pretty digusted with her,
    shes a ____(insert word of choice)______
    but this is the only song i like, nothing else.

  • cuteirish66b says:

    Disney is a bad influence. Look at Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears, and Miley Cyrus. Who else is there. And whos next?

  • ViNtAgELovv11 says:

    AVIS, CYRUS. oh my god. this video is laughable.

  • MultiYarden123 says:

    Sephirpth’s daughter..

  • yaoikiller says:

    well…we all gotta grow up sometime. Celebrities are no exceptions !

  • Popcornismythingyum says:

    Can you please stop being so rude to Miley? Shes just trying something new and if she likes it she can follow it, you dont need to tell her whats right and whats wrong.

  • b3njPe says:

    o ghaad. miley’s gone GaGa.

  • mariiahize says:

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  • SuperRandomperson10 says:

    Remember when you could watch a video without having to sit through a commercial?

    Remember when music´╗┐ videos´╗┐ were´╗┐ uploaded´╗┐ by´╗┐ users and not VEVO

    Remember when´╗┐ all the´╗┐ info´╗┐ was´╗┐ to´╗┐ the right of the video?

    Remember you could rate a video 1-5´╗┐ stars?

    Remember the famous yellow subscribe´╗┐´╗┐ button?

    Remember´╗┐ when the users controlled the site and´╗┐´╗┐ now corporations?

    Post this in every video and lets start a youtube riot.
    Thumbs up to´╗┐ keep at top

  • TheJakko00 says:

    well , i understand that she tries somthing new.. But she are really a “wannabe be a sexual popstar” .. She kind of reminds me of Ke$ha og LadyGaga .. In this song/video Ke$ha of course.. I didn’t like Hannah Montana but I did like Miley when she played in “The Last Song” and maybe a little when the movie “Hannah Montana the movie” come out..

  • antisadism says:

    @SuperRandomperson10 Youtube riot? Step out of your house please.

  • KingOfTheTrolls666 says:

    @fejlisdjhwx5261 shes a shittyass hore

  • 4pinksplash says:

    it’s so disappointing. miley, you used to be my fav but after ‘cant be tamed’….i hate u ­čÖü

  • frenchgirl241 says:

    dis is such a good song ­čśŤ

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