Metallica- Welcome home (Sanitarium) music video

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My little music video to great Metallica’s song Welcome Home(Sanitarium)

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  • TheFutski says:


    Pripyat in Ukraine, the city build to house the workers of the Chernobyl Plant.

  • blackpaladin225 says:


    On the 15th October 2011 will be the 30 year anniversary of Metallica forming. This band comprised of mere men no different then you and me, have graced this land with music in its purist form for 30 glorious years. We owe them the honor of having the worlds most viewed video on Youtube! A title one little idiot doesnt deserve. Up until and also on the 15th October 2011, all metalheads are required to watch Enter Sandman live at Moscow! Post EVERYWHERE!

  • rodelcinco84 says:

    this is great …

  • DiablillodeOz says:

    @2223966 Haha WELL SAID! THIS ROCKS!

  • RolandsSh says:

    This and For Whom The Bell Tolls are my favorite Metallica songs. They are truly awesome!

  • MyMissingHalf says:

    This band is a huge influence. Support local musicians busting there asses to be heard in the metal scene. Check us out on facebook: MY MISSING HALF

  • PARASK8R says:

    tumbs up if u think this the reason why metallica are better than megadeth

  • dragonnemi says:

    .:those photos are taken in Chernobyl:.

  • SmieshNorway says:

    You say Miley Cyrus, I say Metallica

    You say Lady GaGa, i say Iron Maiden

    You say T-Pain, i say Slipknot

    You say Jonas Brothers, I say Volbeat

    You say Bruno Mars, I say Megadeth

    You say Justin Bieber, I say AC DC

    \m/ From Norway

  • 34waka says:

    kocham ten kawałek!!!! Masakra!!!!

  • 34waka says:

    szkoda tylko tylu ludzi…którzy zginÄ™li i chorujÄ… przez to co siÄ™ staÅ‚o…

  • rampage222555 says:

    @PARASK8R i thumb you down cause youre a gay troll

  • ultimatefunkmasterJ says:

    @pinopalota no you were

  • ultimatefunkmasterJ says:

    lamantia269 its thrash metal jackass

  • Ju1ianGames says:

    thrash metal is a group of heavy metal “jackass”

  • Kalistracko says:

    @Ju1ianGames Go to hear lady gaga!! >:D


    haha we will kill justin bieber we have got an army of more then 9000000 fans

  • allstar00442288 says:

    Throughout the last few decades, feminists have been trying to obtain dominance (and bash males while doing so). The best example of this is Beyonce. Her song “If I were a boy” has over 71 million views and a ridiuclous like to dislike ratio (60/1). That kind of music sucks, the song itself sucks, and the lyrics suck. On saturday, june 18th, all rock/metal fans will destroy that video and its shit lyrics. Everyone dislike it.
    Copy/paste this onto all rock/metal videos.

  • 1992jenks says:

    @Leonitus97 you are a good man! very good

  • CorperateFatCat says:

    eat shit and die if you disliked the band that is no less than godly.

  • TheWolfEddy says:

    best caption i have seen on a vid in a long time. good work leadheadclone

  • LesLyRoCkEr says:


  • Babric420 says:

    one of the greatest songs ever goosebumps everytime!

  • 4eVeRaMaGgOt97 says:

    arent all the pics from Chernobyl?

  • Shazzamnwithoutus says:


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