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“Kick It In The Sticks” is the first single from Brantley Gilbert’s sophomore album “Halfway To Heaven” in stores now! For more information visit

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  • katiechapman25 says:

    Love <3

  • scottn8 says:

    Lol. The ending always makes laugh. That acoustic plays a mean electric.

  • ray1999ish says:

    dang great songs gooooo brantley

  • giddyupcowgirl says:

    @CaliandLouey Brantley didn’t sell the songs to Jason Aldean. Once a song is released the artist has no control over who “covers” that song and makes money off it. That’s what Aldean did, and BG has been way classy about it. Two thumbs up to him for being a nice guy as well as sexy as hell. 🙂

  • waynefan14 says:

    bad ass song

  • ledouxcountryboy32 says:

    I can so whatever i want its my opinion.

  • TheNavygirl16 says:

    @ledouxcountryboy32 lol u mean say haha

  • ScreamyfromPCW says:

    Almost makes me proud to say I came from the backwoods of the Bluegrass You can take the boy outta the country but you caint take the country outta the boy.

  • ampatel013 says:

    @ledouxcountryboy32 well keep to your self

  • elysarenee says:

    Yeah I believe that jason aldean is try to steel brantley’ s songs

  • tayloras08 says:

    Who cares who sings it better?! Hell they are both good. and if your dissing jason aldean your dissing brantley since he’s the one that allowed him to use the song so he must think something of him dont ya think?!

  • giddyupcowgirl says:

    It’s like talking to a fence post. Do ya’ll read any comments but your own? Brantley Gilbert did not “allow” Jason Aldean to record the songs, and he didn’t “sell” him the songs. Once a song has been released to the public anyone can cover that song without copyright infringement. Personally I think it’s a huge compliment to BG’s talent to have more than one of his songs covered by a multi-platinum selling artist.

  • Cowboy0727 says:

    Pepito was hit by a car, died, and went to heaven. And everyone who goes to heaven has to work. God went up to Pepito, and said: Pepito, you are going to make babies. Here is this wheel, and every time you turn it, a baby will come out. For hours, Pepito spun the wheel at full speed,then he started to get tired. As he was slowing down, a black baby came out…and Pepito replied: Damn! I better hurry because they are burning!

  • Cowboy0727 says:

    Haha I liked the fight 😛

  • MrJAKEBILL says:

    @mississippiangel94 Its always nice to see a country girl still out there;) haha

  • ampatel013 says:

    @ledouxcountryboy32 keep to your self

  • nathanwood19 says:

    i agree with you i put my f.250 with a 3 foot lift and 40s in some mud up to my hood got stuck with this song playing great weekened loved it

  • 55softballplayer says:

    I’m a country girl always have been and nothing beats being in south out in the sticks with a jacked up truck playing in mud getting stuck and getting dirty perfect way to spend a weekend if you ask me and any true country girls or guys who have ever sunk their truck down in some southern mud with the radio blaring will agree with me. Trust me its awesome.

  • Randy32005 says:

    I always play this song and this album i put my Cummins dodge up to the doors with mud in the truck lol

  • flossyjean says:

    @tayloras08 I agree … Jason is just as good as Brantley & just as sexy!! ;o)

  • OMEGAWOLF1999 says:

    Do any of you know how I could get this song on my iPod, any tips would be much appreciated

  • TheNavygirl16 says:

    this songs is amazin like this if u listenin to it on a daily basis lmao

  • JackNcowgirlboots says:

    Almost 4 million views? Im so excited for BG !!! Thank you Jason aldean for taking in some of his songs and helping this Georgia boy make it big…its only the beginning but i have a feeling this is Brantley Gilberts year 😀 country must be country wide !! cant wait for june 24th, seeing him at Willie nelsons Country Throwdown tour :D…i think im going to try and rip his clothes off hahaha <3

  • jbrewer2000 says:

    i love gettin muddy in big trucks and brantley is a asowme guy

  • lovinhorses12 says:

    @JackNcowgirlboots i totally agree with you. i have a feeling this is his year!! i love Brantley!! haha he is amazing. im also glad that jason has some of his songs its gonna help him alot.:)

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