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Official music video for the single “Babooshka” by British singer Kate Bush, taken from her album Never for Ever. Released as a single in June 1980, it spent 10 weeks in the UK chart, peaking at number five. It was an even bigger hit in Australia, where it was the 20th best-selling single of the year. The track features John Giblin on bass. “Babooshka” became Bush’s second top five hit in the UK and was certified silver for sales of over 250000 by the BPI.

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  • TheThomasDu says:

    @MrZxantraxx I think there is absolutely nothing in common between Gaga and Kate. Kate is someone who does compose music from her emotions etc. and Gaga is like GarageBand composer. For Gaga there is no need to make sense! Because there are loads of people who simply don’t need it anymore. I agree that Kate might took creepy, some people say her voice is annoying, but as I said at least she does make sense.

  • MrZxantraxx says:

    @TheThomasDu I did say her inspiration. I agree, there is nothing in common,& never will. Kate knocks spots off Gaga. Gaga is part of todays bandwagon of irrelevent “sounds the same as the last time merry go round”. Kate back in the early 80,s created a unique genre of musically inspired talent, that sadly is not going to be repeated any time soon. Just my opinion. ThnX.

  • MrZxantraxx says:

    @SnappyPenguins I think if my memory serves me, Babooshka translated means grandma or grandparent. If i am incorrect please forgive my ignorance

  • SnappyPenguins says:

    @MrZxantraxx Almost. The word you are thinking of is babushka, this song is called Babooshka, which is based on the word babushka, but has no real definition.

  • sepiasiren says:


  • sepiasiren says:

    @ColdestBeauty I also think it is cool when young kids mention liking old classics as well since the media seems to play up all the kids who getting into fluff music like Beiber–I think Victoria wants to point out that some modern kids want music of substance.

  • DGSE says:

    so much memories remind to me with this song and i m not even russian.

  • ColdestBeauty says:

    @sepiasiren Mm, I guess. It’s just I listen to a lot of music like this, and I’ve been noticing tons of people mentioning their ages in the comments, but I just can’t see what it’s got to do with anything (unless there are older people saying about how teenagers have crap taste in music, in which case fair enough if they’re defending their taste)

    (I’d like to point out again that I’m thirteen too, I wasn’t having a go at her or anything)

  • MsMclovin2000 says:

    @victoria370437 i love this song too plus running up that hill and this woman’s work and i’m a 15 year old girl. my dad got me into her music.

  • JennyShawMusic says:

    @MsMclovin2000 same here, i heard her when i was 13 loved her very much X i write my own music if you are interested XXX

  • JanaKubalova says:

    @ColdestBeauty Why on Earth would you ask anything like this? I was 13 and listening to really silly music…. hats off to Victoria for being 13 and listening to Kate Bush. That statement says a lot

  • ColdestBeauty says:

    @JanaKubalova As I’ve said before, I never meant it to sound like I was being rude to Victoria. It was a genuine question, because so many people post their ages and then say “and I love Kate Bush”. I don’t see why your age should make a difference as to what music you listen to.

  • k3zzie says:

    kate was the original lady gaga, outragous performances, creative, original and true to herself, i mean lady who???
    kate rocks 😉

  • AliaETorrie says:

    Ahhh art students! love this woman totally mad “expressivly” lol xxxx

  • AliaETorrie says:

    P.s alwasy loved ths ound of the breaking glass lol .. xxx

  • victoria370437 says:

    @louisxiiii im not really in to music like thiss,but my dad showed it me and i just liked it,not that im into stuff like this.

  • SaoirsesAnaAccount says:

    @victoria370437 good for you, you can give us a brief description of yourself. Well done

  • kiwiveryhot says:

    reminds me of gaga.

  • eva93ie says:

    Im 18yrs old…. I got into Kates music when I was 5 yrs old.. my parents say that i was obssesed with Kate that time.. within years i didnt listen that much to Kate but now hearing those songs after that many years again is just an incredible experience.. i love those songs seriously.. i understand the lyrics which now makes me to like those songs even more

  • iheartsupernatural says:

    i’m 35. i have also grown to love kate when i was as young as u. I agree.. its nice to see the younger generation also enjoying great musicians. my fav k. bush song will always be.. james and the cold gun.. but then strange phenomenon! 😀

  • HoneyPatchworks says:

    Infinite love to fathers apparently, they seem to be great influences! It was also my father who got me into music… I remember having a crush on Jim Morrison when I was four 😉

  • 109percentoff says:

    I love this song, my mum saw her live on the only tour she ever did .I’m so jealous of her 🙁

  • mermaidman1985 says:

    @kiwiveryhot gaga wishes she was her 😛

    Kate was not an invention… Lady G is a nice person though 😀

  • lorethebest77 says:

    i hate gaga!! kate so amazing

  • acent2112 says:

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