Jonathan Coulton in LA -04-Shopvac

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Note: information from YouTube
Fourth song-Shopvac Recorded live at Temple Bar Santa Monica CA October 9 2006 Another Great song in nightvision MP3s of this performance graciously made available at Check out his amazing JoCo/WoW videos too.

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  • MrVeelon says:

    love joko one of the singers that sound better live then his cds

  • Nacimota says:

    He’s just thinking out loud while trying to explain the song he’s about to perform. Not everyone can maintain their thoughts perfectly while performing in public.

  • TragedyXIII says:

    I think it’s about equall, but Joko is definately more entertaining live.

  • saxhero26 says:

    @TragedyXIII it’s JoCo

  • TragedyXIII says:

    @saxhero26 My bad. Sorry, sometimes when I think of JoCo I think of a monkey and when I think of a monkey named JoCo it comes out Joko.

  • Poitu280 says:

    its a vacuum for a workshop 🙂
    its a bit different then a regular vacuum i think >.>

  • NetherMoore says:

    @elex545 omg exact same story here!

  • lonelynessizmafriend says:

    this is the 4th vid of him in this cafe that people have walked infront of the cam…i swear next one ill throw a shoe at! (reference to boot to the head Phoenix Wright)

  • xiocx1 says:


  • roidroid says:

    @batvette Really? Weird, here it’s always more expensive to live in the City.
    Homes get steadily more expensive the closer to the city center you get.

  • batvette says:

    @roidroid well I couldn’t afford to buy the house I rent, but what you are saying is true as well it’s probably that my white ghetto house sits on valuable land where in the ‘burbs the land is less of the value than the house sitting on it. Make sense? I dunno. I’m actually about to use my shop-vac! (to clean my PS2)

  • roidroid says:

    @batvette it’s not making sense to me.

    – Buying a house/land in the city is more expensive than buying a house/land in the suburbs yes?
    – Renting a house in the city is more expensive than renting a house in the suburbs yes?

  • batvette says:

    @roidroid the house I live in is old and small, as are most in the city However the land is centrally located and thus worth more. the suburbs have much larger and modern houses but are on land that is less valuable. Renting a small old house is generally cheaper, and the long term value of the land for future development doesn’t factor in unless I am buying.

  • roidroid says:

    @batvette Ah i see. So your urban areas are dilapidated.

    In the citys here there is a housing shortage, so there’s no such thing as a cheap small home in the city (to rent or buy). They’ve all been bought up, drastically modernised/renovated, and then resold to investors long ago.

  • TheFriendlyMoosh says:

    @plannedXaccident No flame, only love man

  • ArkReaction says:

    7 people missed the like button D:

  • Naturality says:

    I never got the “left turn” line, but people here seem to go wild for it. Anyone care to explain why it’s funny? :S

  • NetherMoore says:

    @Naturality i dont think it’s the meaning of the “left turn” part, it’s how he actually made his voice break when he sang it. “it’s hard to make a left turnnnnnnnnnn”

  • cika1234 says:

    @O1bo1 I had to vacuum up a cat with one not long ago

  • ShadowDuffle says:

    @Naturality its a drivin pun when your driving your not supposed to make a left turn unless the lines are broken and when your on a main road almost all left turns are not legal

  • smoke770077 says:

    @ShadowDuffle That, like a road that leads onto a highway, you have all that oncoming traffic, its easy to turn right to go with the flow of traffic but sometimes it seems impossible to turn left with out a stoplight.. Its a common complaint among people who live on a street like that..

  • Wolfwood428 says:

    @plannedXaccident LMFAO

  • Wolfwood428 says:

    7 people missed the like button XD

  • retsnom92 says:

    How can people not understand the left turn part?

  • Grizzlism says:



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