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John Cage performing “Water Walk” in January, 1960 on the popular TV show I’ve Got A Secret. via WFMU: “At the time, Cage was teaching Experimental Composition at New York City’s New School. Eight years beyond 4:33, he was (as our smoking MC informs us) the most controversial figure in the musical world at that time. His first performance on national television was originally scored to include five radios, but a union dispute on the CBS set prevented any of the radios from being plugged in to the wall. Cage gleefully smacks and tosses the radios instead of turning them on and off. While treating Cage as something of a freak, the show also treats him fairly reverentially, cancelling the regular game show format to allow Cage the chance to perform his entire piece. “

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  • yourtunesfuckinsuck says:

    @storerestore no. i’m not a music snob. i listen to plenty of mainstream or even plain stupid music. i just want good music to be appreciated.

  • SkaPow138 says:

    @HotnessTim What about “music” in a 4/7 beat?
    “Music” not classifiable.

  • swisstripz says:

    @skapow138 what is this new time signature 4/7, did you make that up or something?

  • adamcolbert says:

    I’m impressed this has gotten over 375k views! Few people are patient and open minded enough to sit through 9 minutes of what this has to offer.

  • kalexandria says:

    I wish I could hear his without the laughter in the background. It’s John Cage, there’s likely a recording somewhere.

  • Jaydoggy531 says:

    According to Cage’s philosophy: the laughter is one of the best parts of this. Any additional sound is all part of the intended composition.

  • kalexandria says:

    i did not realize that. Holy, that’s complex. So no matter what you compose, there is the unpredictable response from the audience, or whatever else is about and chiming in. I like that. Much like theatre actors must be prepared to adjust everything on the fly in response to what their audience does. Cool!!!
    Thank you for the ed, Jaydoggy531.

  • hashiepashi says:

    Johnny Cage!

  • pontinoos says:

    This is not complex in the least or enjoyable in the least. He should not be considered an artist and anyone who thinks he should can suck it.

  • vanessadaouvideo says:

    “I consider laughter preferable to tears”, John Cage

  • kiasmus says:

    I’ve always admired more his peace of mind, his tranquil attitude, than his music.

  • carnivourlocust says:

    Genius …

  • amywamie says:

    someone told me my work was like john cage today and wow, what a compliment, he is amazing

  • jongun says:

    Wow, I’ve recently discovered John Cage, and I recall an almost identical video with Frank Zappa and a bicycle years later. Have you seen that? Zappa was young and in a suit and behaving almost exactly the same. Ignoring the laughter. Doing his thang. Thanks for posting this. I’ll try and find the Zappa video again.

  • forthashorteez says:

    lol this dude was far too ahead of his time, now this would be called ambient, back then it was just non sense.

  • thedrumbum1990 says:

    Haha he’s so gentle πŸ™‚

  • ebkurd says:

    @jongun Zappa performed that bicycle spoke piece on an old Steve Allan–“Tonight Show” or something. And yeah, it’s great.

  • hobbyoda says:

    貴重γͺζ˜ εƒγ§γ™γ­γ€€γ€€γ€€Thanks

  • jongun says:

    @ebkurd Thanks, now I can find it again.

  • emmywright says:

    I am totally delighted by this. There are worse things than laughing. Besides, I know many composers who don’t know how to use a pressure cooker nearly as well. Fabulous.

  • LBPDLBFD says:

    I call that multi-tasking

  • JavierGueneau says:

    wow .. for me this is what music is all about. Evolving, changing, seeing everyday sounds in a different way. It wouldn’t have been without that great attitude that he performed and presented his art to the audience. Great.

  • NicholasGreen91 says:

    Must have been expensive to rehearse…

  • aerodynamics4u says:

    laughter is found sonic art that is timed and after watching this it will never sound the same to me ever again.

  • Epogdous says:

    This is so enlightening. It reminds me of Les Six bringing circus music to concert halls. Irony and lightness of touch fraught with meaning and value.

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