Heart of Broken Glass – Original Song by Amanda Marino

Heart of Broken Glass - Original Song by Amanda Marino(video) \ This is a song I wrote called Heart of Broken Glass. It’s very personal to me and there is an immense amount of symbolism in the video. The song is basically about depression, and being broken, and although you want to reach out for help you can’t because you are afraid. I’d like to thank my mom for filming this video. I hope you all enjoy it. Lyrics: Beneath the surface lies a broken porcelain doll She seems so perfect but she hides her scars under it all Pulls away when someone tries to reach out their hands Embraces pain because it’s all she understands What have I become? I don’t deserve anyone Trapped in this dark place because it’s where I belong I’m crumbling Descending, taking shelter in the rain Because I have nothing else And it’ll only get worse if I call out for help I’m fallin

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