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Our favorite performance ever from Audra – the last two minutes are amazing – and what a close! “Down With Love” from “Hooray for What” – sung by Audra McDonald. Available on the highly recommended DVD “My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies.” See also versions from Barbara Streisand: Judy Garland: Kristy Cates: This was one of the most frequently favorited videos on BestArts. Browse our website at for more great dance, music and musical theatre performances!

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  • book021296 says:

    @stuyone I agree. I think she puts too much head voice into it, and she sounds like an opera singer.

    • Trombonehead says:

      Audra McDonald is classically trained. For you to say she sounds like a opera singer just means she has a beautiful upper voice.

  • book021296 says:

    @vinceinelkins it BARBRA, only 2 a’s. If you’re gonna say something like that, you should at least spell their name right.

  • mtforever16 says:

    Absolutely incredible!

  • bradshaw5678 says:

    @book021296 @respectthequeendom yeah the CLOSEST version is in Barbra’s latest songbook. But Audra uses Mr Snow and Let’s Call the Whole thing off…makes it slightly different. You can use Babs’ version and get a good transcriber to make up the difference. It’s been on my list of things to do for a while now. lol. I want it BADLY.

  • lilithmoon1979 says:

    you cannot compare barbra streisand with audra!! audra is schooled classically and barbra isnt and audra shows it… don’t get me wrong, i am a huge fan of barbra streisand but you simply cannot compare voices and techniques as barbra and audra are 2 way diffrent kind of singers…

  • ThatGeorgiaBoy says:

    Audra…hey Audra…………………call me.

  • teddybears1232001 says:

    @book021296 She does but she did study to be an opera singer in high school and it’s been known that she prefers the classical tone above other styles.

  • Silvete says:

    lol. she is awesome!

  • River166 says:

    This is powerful.

  • agrainne24 says:

    that’s so cool in most of this song audra seems to be paying tribute to barbra with the way this song is arranged and singing bits of the music that makes me dance and my man, genius and well sung audra!only knew of her from watching private practice but man can she sing!

  • Mikmoo says:

    I used to watch this DVD every night for a good 4 months! Love this performance!!

  • alexmz123 says:

    Audra has always professed to love Streisand. But Audra brought the house down in her own style with this Streisand song. Amazing Audra!!!

  • kenjamin991 says:

    The Queen! She KILLS this song!

  • cammicty says:

    @lilithmoon1979 Can’t compare Barbera wth Audra 2 different singers, there is no one who could sing this better than Barbera! She was very sloppy in the middle of the song. Im a perfectionist when it comes to music and she is great but she’d never have passed the test to get into broadway with this version, they were perfectionist then. Barbera would and did blow his out the water on so many different levels. Now she has the soul, FYI Barb went to school 4 voice with one of the best teachers.

  • MrRedFredSaid says:

    @cammicty – audra has her own style. She’s getting the meaning of the lyrics across without overwhelming the listener. Her voice is good and powerful without being too much. And it’s not that often we get to hear a soprano interpreting this music. And live music is not about perfection. If you want that, buy a studio produced cd where every nuance is obliterated by OVER production. Cheers.

  • jlow121 says:

    I will be within arms reach of her at Hale Center Theater Orem on July 6th. I’m in denial.

  • veronihika says:

    I thought this song was Judy Garland’s, but anyhow, Audra bats it out of the stadium!!! she’s absolutely great!

  • magicfunk151 says:

    @cammicty Need I tell you that Audra did in fact study voice at Juilliard?

  • francinemegan says:

    She kind os sounds like Barbra Striesand

  • nrusso42 says:

    thanks for posting this – I absolutely love this every time I see it!!!!

  • pudgeuncle says:

    Love Audra but parts of this look like a mental breakdown.

  • CrazyGood88 says:

    Sometimes you gotta get UGLAY with a song! Love the deliverance! She Is Queen!

  • slimjem0 says:

    Is it just me or does she sound like MIKA at 3:17??
    great voice bad song choice

  • wickedlizzie09 says:

    sounds like she went for more the barbra feel to it. that was great :]

  • hop208 says:

    @pudgeuncle I think that was the point.

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