CSJH The Grace – My Everything Live Performance

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  • silentangel68 says:

    @CutiieAngiie Yes I read it somewhere before too, but its completley true.

  • silentangel68 says:

    @CutiieAngiie Actually I was an snsd fan, I was a SONE XD. But I didnt like them for their ” talent” I thought they were okay in “talent”…I liked them more for their looks and their cute dances… I wanted to be like them LOL.. ah stupid me XD.. Im glad I changed XDXD

    I heard Stephanie got into Koreas best dancing school or something, and I heard rumours about them making a comeback in 2010!!! I hope its trueeeee

  • CutiieAngiie says:

    HAHA, we have COMPLETELY different opinions and lifes I guess.
    Because you was a SNSD’s fan and I was an anti SNSD xD.
    That’s funny (and creepy :P)

    Yeeeah, I KNOW ๐Ÿ˜€
    Stephanie is really a dancer after all. That’s awesome she wants to learn dance more to be really perfect and pro ๐Ÿ™‚
    I heard that too but I don’t know, I kinda desesperate right now.
    We are in July of 2010 and I don’t see a slight of “CSJH’s come back” –‘

  • silentangel68 says:

    @CutiieAngiie Im sorry but your prayers wont work because I will never became a sone in the future MUHAHAHA !! XDXDXD LOOL~

    byebyee nice little chat with you

  • CutiieAngiie says:

    Yeah …

    Seriously, it was a good chat even if we have different opinions !
    Take care and MAYBE I will read you as a SONE ๐Ÿ˜› XD
    I stop, I stop !

    BYE BYE <3

  • silentangel68 says:

    @CutiieAngiie noo im not a sonee

  • abbuchan says:

    Probably the best girl group I’ve heard. Tsk. I wonder why they’re not being given a comeback/album. Those girls can harmonize really well.

  • Cesiaj says:

    they can really sing.. (sigh!) why can’t SM put more effort in promoting those artists with real talent? though this group has different genre than SM’s fave nowadays (SNSD), it’s hard not to compare both since they came from 1รฏยปยฟ talent agency. I’m not an SNSD hater, I just think that SM should focus on training SNSD on their singing coz its just so-so at the moment, & then provide more exposure to CSJH coz these girls are soo ready to sing at any given time w/o the auto-tones & all the editings

  • sarumikyu says:

    i always like dana and sunday..><

  • kpawp2 says:

    CSJH is the best!
    Look how much effort, passion & heart they put into singing !

  • DeathByAddiction00 says:

    Wow, their singing is really good! I have never payed attention to them, but Ive always kept hearing People say, The grace had alot of Talent so why dosent SM Promote them more & put effort into them. I agree…I mean they have talent, So why not..? Makes no sense. Also to the People talking about how crazy Cassies are, Please don’t categorize us as all the same. All that stuff happend with Kor cassies, Not International, even at that it wasnt ALL Kor cassies either.

  • sreyDaNu says:

    I love these girls..and I’ve been waiting for their comeback since forever!!! They’re very talented, and SM should promote them more..

  • Hanxianify says:

    CSJH is promoting in japan isn’t it? They are good in vocals, but SNSD is good also in my areas- singing, acting, dancing… Thats why SNSD stands a better advantage than CSJH

  • Hanxianify says:

    @Cesiaj SNSD can sing lor… What so-so… Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Seohyun are good. Makes no difference with CSJH which has 4 member too… SNSD has 9 members cause each member are specialised in different things

  • WeiRdLiLKiD says:

    but i doubt those 4 main singers are on the same level as the 4 members in CSJH… but no doubt Taeyeon is really good.. i like SNSD too, not bashing.. just stating my opinion

  • chawisapoy says:

    @Wazycrazy23 agree with u

  • shiningg1122 says:

    Wow, no wonder their the counterpart of DBSK. Their singing looks so effortless. I like SNSD but I don’t really think that their main vocalists aren’t at the same level as CSJH. Taeyeon’s vocals are really good though, like one of the best out of kpop girl groups. I think a singer who’s almost at the same level as CSJH is f(x)’s Luna. Luna’s vocals is really breathtaking and she can sing Whitney Houston songs really well. In my opinion, i think Luna can sing much beter than Jessica :\

  • shiningg1122 says:

    oops, typo * It’s supposed to be “I like SNSD but I don’t really think that their main vocalists are at the same level as CSJH” . My bad

  • Gentleraine says:

    I miss them so much ๐Ÿ™

  • kumikotsuguasa says:

    Holy fucking shit. Pardon my French, but these ladies literally KILLED IT. They stuck this performance in their mouth, chewed it up and spat it back out with PRIDE. The moment when Lina did that really long note, I was shivering like a friggen idiot. And yet I stared at these ladies and they looked like they were saying, “Kay, so I did this before. No big.” THIS right here is what you call real talent. And anyone who dares disagree with me, let’s just say you better sleep with both eyes open.

  • ang3lflies says:

    i think that SM needs to chose who they focus their attention a lot more carefully. I mean SNSD are a nice group and all, but i think that CSJH’s voices are better.

  • rennazhang426 says:

    @MaySins so true,., they have the best voice of all kpop girl groups i’ve ever encountered

  • NattamonK says:

    Bravooooo! Their voices are really graceful ><!
    I love them!!!

  • jysoishere122 says:

    I love that at the point where they hit the higher notes, they all bounce down at the same time and get back up at the same time. Gotta love this group. SME please bring them beg. I beg of you. I feel like tearing. I miss them so much. And their stage manner is unbelievably good !! Props to them ๐Ÿ˜€

  • viinasu says:

    @Wazycrazy23 i think they’re just waiting for stephanie to finish her studies….

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