Brooke Fraser – Betty (Official Music Video)

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======================== 2nd single from Brooke Fraser’s 3rd studio album ‘Flags’

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  • krisjimo says:

    @Freedomcall82 if you knew anything about brooke and her music you would know she had a record deal with before hillsongs. so she was well known before hillsongs.
    shes said in an interview how people usually love the first album they make, but to her she thought it was worst album because she wasnt a believer then, her songs now are personal and has a deeper meaning to it. maybe God is speaking to her in different ways. just because someone doesnt sing about God doesnt mean they have forgot him

  • DarnielyOriginal says:

    so cute!

  • xspader says:

    At the end of the day I like her music, she is a very talented artist, and a I own all of her albums. I just think you guys need to tone down the God talk is all…but thats my opinion take it or leave it. Bigger things to worry about than what people on the internet think of me

  • MrBACONLUBE1 says:

    @tribeofjudahmm in arab countries she would’ve been shot on sight XD

  • MrBACONLUBE1 says:

    If God is willing to prevent evil, but not able, then he is not omnipotent. If he is able but not willing, then he is malevolent. If he is both able and willing, then whence cometh evil. If he is neither able or willing, then why call him god? -Epicurus.

    say all you want, but atheists have been winning since 300 BC. also im pretty sure that the god depicted in the bible isn’t malevolent. Thus that seals up pretty much all holes in the atheist argument.

    Good Game.

  • oscaravarghese says:


    Since 300 BC? Don’t you mean C.E?

    But it’s great to know that someone’s counting. Well I hate to burst your bubble. But the Bible is much older than 300 BC. And that would make the Bible right.

  • Freedomcall82 says:

    @krisjimo I didn’t know she was not a believer in the start of her career. I enjoy listening to her worship and I like the song shadowfeet I just think the church shouldn’t be letting the world in, we should be spreading the gospel to the world. too many times the church today gets infected with sins such as pride greed, lust, etc. we have to watch ourselves because we will stand before God one day and be held accountable. I pray for brooke all the time. and I pray for hillsong.

  • tribeofjudahmm says:

    @MrBACONLUBE1 And is she in an Arab country? I think not. So whats the issue here? Good grief, you people need some serious deliverance from legalism.

  • AarronArmadillo says:

    Love her. One of the most beautfiul voices of this century. <3

  • bealoza says:

    Brooke me encanta tu musica!!! Bendiciones desde Mexico!!!!!!!!!

  • Chewinggumgurl says:

    If you want more NZ music, please check out my original songs here on youtube..

    Type in TAYLA NICKSON or just go through my channel..
    Please feel free to comment and share with others.

  • juu650 says:

    ok guys. c’mon this really isnt that good. don’t get me wrong the song is great but i just dont think a 3 minute video of her prancing around flowers does justice to the song, which has alot more depth to it.

  • westiracer says:

    nice song Brooke !

  • patriciaadams216 says:

    She is so gorgeous, all natural and clean not like american singers at all. Like Bic Runga!

  • cookster601 says:

    What are you letting them do to you, Brooke? Your better than that. and don’t need the packaging. All that neck rubbing and pretty disney posing. Stick to writing good songs and keep your integrity.

  • codwar95 says:

    see at 2:58 xD

  • soccergurl4life0308 says:

    I’ve never heard of her before. Can someone tell me about her? Thanks 🙂

  • FreakForMusic101 says:

    luv this song]

  • Wolstenholmie says:

    Wish people would stop moaning about the video. At least she’s not gyrating in a nightclub

  • ummmmm20 says:

    I have read through these comments with the concern of this woman whom is changing. Reading about how this song is in the terms of “cute” and if it is about her “boyfriend,” thereafter also upon her loss, the loss of her soul in God her loss of faith and how many believe that believing in Him is not important thus upon her music and let her be. Let he be another falling artist to the road of desire of wrongings. Brook has now too fallen deeply to society expectations into the depth of depravity

  • Tar1ga says:

    She’s an awesome singer and is originally from upper hutt new zealand 🙂
    idk much more

  • arghomez says:

    Seriously, everybody needs to relax. She is a great artist and who are you to say bad things about her? Leave her alone

  • madyb94 says:

    @Freedomcall82 the church needs to let the world in. It would be too narrowminded otherwise, shunning people who don’t believe just because they don’t believe, not based on whether or not they are good people. The believers need to be among unbelievers to eliminate hostility. Didn’t Jesus mix with harlots and thieves?

  • madyb94 says:

    @brainfreeze4eva I’m a Christian and I’m LIKING your comment! 🙂

  • madyb94 says:

    @xspader I reckon that maybe her songs would have a little to do with her faith, but that would just come out naturally as it’s a part of who she is and that’s a bit hard to separate when you’re a Christian.. but I agree with you – that she’s allowed to sing about other things. I’m a Christian, and I get annoyed when Jehovah’s Witness come to my door and try to convert me too. And “Bible bashers”…real Christians aren’t like that. I hope to be one, one day. Thanks for the honest comment! haha x

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