Brianna Mazzola – Airplanes – Official Music Video (Original)

Brianna Mazzola - Airplanes - Official Music Video (Original)(video) \ On April 6, 2013, twin brothers Mark and Matthew Maiorano, of Mirror Twiin Media, filmed a country music video for singer Brianna Mazzola. The 12-year-old up…

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  • Anna Rocchina says:

    Brianna that was absolutely incredible I really enjoyed it you did such a great job you do sound like an angel xo xo xo

  • JohnnyRonJacob says:

    I don’t this song Brianna but all I know, the very first note I heard you sing, I just knew you were in your element, you sound amazing and flawless in this one and wow what a cool vid and song, and the girl is sooooo cute, haha! And you look very special! I’m definitely adding this one. It’s definitely a keeper! 🙂 Love it! Stay blessed! Johnny

  • SAImmobilien says:

    big thumbs up, wonderful

  • Gloria Franchi says:

    VERY VERY NICE!!! Big thumbs up and big smiles for you 😉

  • tps607 says:

    excellent….you rock Brianna!

  • juniper70z says:

    this is brilliant Brianna, song is awesome and the vid rocks!

  • Scott Anderson says:

    Great song,Brianna. You are so sweet and talented. I believe in you. You are a beautiiful,gorgeous angel. I love you xoxo♥

  • Traveler2112 says:

    Wow! Enjoy your other music also but I think this is my new favorite of yours. Really great singing there Brianna. Wonderful weekend ahead to you. ~ Bo

  • Marian BH says:


  • Nuti Ciobanu says:

    P.S the vid is a +,keep rocking…

  • rpverhag1 says:

    Such a wonderful song and video Brianna!! Really enjoyed it!!
    X Karlijn

  • Nuti Ciobanu says:

    I see many of your funs love this song of yours the most, well sweety so do i.Of all I lisent from you in this song you got so much confidents,and for good reason.In my minde I see you BORN A COUNTRY MUSIC GIRL…Way to go Brianna,Powerful ,performants with a 10 + from my heart.My sencer congratulation..Love Nuti.

  • Songmandave1 says:

    great job Brianna….you are the real deal!

  • MyCateLynn says:

    WOW!, what a beautiful song dear Brianna!
    Brilliant production.
    Thank you for this gem!!

  • Neng1993 says:

    Great Brianna, great!! 😀 xxx

  • soundproof714 says:

    what a beautiful voice!!!excellent!!th-up

  • Steve Sutton says:

    Love your original song Brianna.  Excellent video.

  • mmcglinn1 says:

    Oh my!, A Brianna Mazzola original, sounds like a hit to me!! I would certainly echo the sentiments of others, watching the confidence you’ve gained the past couple of years has been fun to watch…You’re a star in every sense of the word Brianna, no limits on what you can accomplish…Love the song and the video is sensational!!

    Matt 🙂
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  • Anna Rocchina says:

    Brianna this video was excellent .What a voice !!
    I am so proud of you OMG you did it again.
    I can’t get enough of your music.

  • Nuti Ciobanu says:

    P.S the vid is A +,keep rocking…

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