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The Skorpion Show talks Beyonce’s New Video LOOK AT OUR REACTION TO THE VIDEO #90 – Most Discussed (Today) #15 – Most Discussed (Today) – People & Blogs #186 – Most Viewed (Today) -United Kingdom #174 – Most Viewed (Today) – France #126 – Most Viewed (Today) – Netherlands #45 – Most Viewed (Today) – South Africa #41 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Czech Republic #56 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Germany #19 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – United Kingdom #21 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs #37 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Spain #73 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Mexico #16 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – France #61 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Italy #186 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – South Korea #14 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Netherlands #14 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Poland #69 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Brazil #34 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Sweden #16 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Australia #78 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Canada #21 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Ireland #56 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Israel #17 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – New Zealand #3 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – South Africa #38 – Top Favorited (Today) – People & Blogs #92 – Top Rated (Today) #15 – Top Rated (Today) – People & Blogs #63 – Top Rated (This Week) – People

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  • naturaluv85 says:

    I actually dug her billboard performance. The beginning was great, but the ending was mediocre. She did all of that to take our attention off of the horrible song. But overall she did well.

  • kinkyJourney25 says:

    check this out
    Major Lazer – Pon De Floor [Feat. Vybz Kartel]

  • deezxc says:

    @tweetygirlk each to his own, i love till the end of time and it dont sound anything like gaga to me. the influences i hear there are MJ, 80s music and nigerian artiste fela kuti. she’s not redoing her album the release date is already set n she jus doin promo now. if u were a real fan, u’d know beyonce performs hell out of all her songs, she was still performing SL after it reached no1. i dont care what anyone says, i love RTW from getgo. its very unconventional

  • deezxc says:

    @monlyty pls send me a link where she claimed it was hers. is beyonce a choreographer? the 2 guys dancing with her choreographed it. frank gaston did an interview with MTV where he talked about how they discovered the guys on utube and flew to africa to get them here. there were even reports about it b4 the video dropped. if u dont like her, fine, no need to fabricate stories

  • tweetygirlk says:

    I guess people with opinions are haters. I love her but I rather tell how I really feel than kiss ass of the people who don’t know who the fuck I am. I rather save my money for shit I actually like then waste it on a song I don’t like. I love you Beyonce and your performance on Billboard was hot but I’m not feeling RTW or the other single.

  • tgng74 says:

    awesome video. u won’t believe the powerhouse performance Beyonce delivered performing Run The World live at the recent 2011 Billboard Music Awards, when she received the Millenium Award, it’s a performance not to be missed! catch the performance at our community page at Facebook. type Two Moos & A Foo at Facebook, and click LIKE to stay connected. constant updates on artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and many more. let’s stay connected!

  • jellybeen says:

    The video made me like the song 🙂 Then again, I expected the video to be hot anyway.

  • AmbeRussell says:

    @kinkyJourney25 guess u didnt get the memo that the guy who produced that song also produced beyonce song.

  • MrTooTall26 says:

    didnt like the video….. i disconnected at the 1:43 mark….

  • secr3tuntold says:

    u f’cked it up so b*tch u betta eat it up lmaoo

  • Kilomanjaro11 says:

    Go go power rangers!!

  • monlyty says:

    @deezxc f you could read what i said properly , I stated that she is the queen of taking others ideas and claiming it to be hers BUT at least in this one she included the people and there work.
    I fabricate nothing… single ladies is the work of Bob Fosse that she did not admit to using until she was called out on it . she even admits she takes others work in her live tour video. but not hating she is good at it . she makes it her own but it is far from original. NOT earth shattering

  • treble2clef says:

    @jilberia86 You are soooo right! Beyonce’s Billboard Awards performance was ten times better than her video.

    Also, Keri Hilson’s Lose Control ft. Nelly I can listen to on CONSTANT REPLAY, but I cannot say the same for Run the World (Girls)!!!

  • China6296 says:

    EVERYONE GO to Beyonce rule the world (girls) pt. 1
    exactly as i typed it. It’s A great dance remake of the video

  • lottaluvncr8tivity says:

    The song i dont like at all. But the video made me listen the whole way through.

  • 1LoverOfMusic0 says:

    @CarmencitaGoode So because we dont have millions means that our opinion shouldnt be expressed?

  • gemini850 says:

    I don’t like the song and I don’t like the video.

  • Churros1616 says:

    I love the song and teh video!!
    Beyonce is just fucking awesome!! She runs the world

  • shawtymo1 says:

    Who run the world?

  • donshan123 says:


  • shellychelle14 says:

    The video starts up like OMG she’s back – and then when she hit yall with the dance steps with the two guys OMG she killed it. But as soon as she started that damn flippin her head to one side leg side step with the rest of the girls on through to the end was very boring.

  • 214InnocentGirl20 says:

    the video wasnt all that..i love Get ME Bodied was better..and this is not her best video ever..and Run the World isnt her best song ever. Her performance on the Billboard awards wasnt all that either..i think when she performed get my bodied on BET awards was better than what she did last night.

  • JoJoStarz123x says:

    Everyone needs a friend like you two !!

  • madonna680 says:

    girls dont role the world,boys nither…

  • hot1fromnc says:

    @hellolivia93 There were many other woman doing pop music before or around madonnas time, she just so happend to be the most popular..nothing is going to be original at this point in music,

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