Amazing Mayzie from Seussical

Amazing Mayzie from Seussical(video) \ Me playing Amazing Mazie from Seussical the Musical. I am playing Steel Drums and Meredith is playing Piccolo. I cut this version down a little bit.

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  • bassofvibes says:

    Very different. I play steel drums with sticks and I actually add a third stick to add more harmony. The only difference is that the notes in the steel drums go in a circle. So imagine taking the array mbira and molding it into a circle. There is also more resonance in the array mbira than in the steel drums. Hope that helps

  • gray1753 says:

    Nice. What’s it like playing on the Array mbira after playing the steel pan (or vice versa) which is also arranged using the circle of fifths?

  • bassofvibes says:

    Thanks for the nice comments. I’ll be posting more soon but I am always looking for suggestions.

  • TheRazorroman says:

    nice. I would hire you to play music in my church and or musical theater production.

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