Alesi Summer Live @ Triplex Showcase Event Birmingham UK Sings “Upside Down” by Paloma Faith

Alesi Summer Live @ Triplex Showcase Event Birmingham UK Sings (video) \ Alesi Summer Live @ Triplex Showcase Event Birmingham UK, Performs “Upside Down” by Paloma Faith. Alesi had an amazing time at the Triplex Showcase Event, sh…

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  • SuperMusicalGirls says:


  • superhunk1989 says:

    Wow! Such a vocal control! Such a great voice! You sound totally fabulous.
    This is a very impressive performance.

  • kit2026 says:

    Very well Alesi, really like you that pure & full of confidence voice, watch your video I feel relaxed and happy, thanks!

  • patrick wyche says:

    I love the way you sing that song Alesi! It’s perfect for you and it’s my favorite now. You really are a unique and talented singer!

  • altecman21 says:

    Ms Alesi Summer!! Really great job girl!! You got it going on!! Lotta talent here!! …Jimmy…

  • cbrb40 says:

    Cool song I like it ti was different I like the rock beat you can sing the uptempos as great as the ballads Alesi. Your voice amazes me,it’s spot on perfect pitch right on tune & this is not an easy song to sing lots of lyrics in a fast tempo. It was beautiful you have power sweetness everything you need to be a great vocalist. I can’t stop smiling when I see you. My crew thinks I’m weird too always smiling on my ship. 😉 lol Keep it going you’re truly a special great talent. Love you xo ♥ :))

  • Renato de Rezende says:

    Very good, great voice =o)

  • undertacker47 says:

    beautiful song and your voice is wonderful! 🙂 Great video dear Alesi! 🙂 Nice greetings Frank! 🙂

  • comet1996 says:

    strong voice, great performance

  • Richard LeBlanc says:

    Awesome Totally Awesome U Are An Incredible Performer

  • rulmethal says:

    Excellent performance Alesi. Congrats! From México: Raúl

  • Bobbie Jenkins says:

    love this song ,you sing it so well ,great performance Alesi 🙂
    This positive feedback was posted through

  • Mark SM says:

    That was swinging.
    A beautiful voice.

  • STKTYA2 says:

    Alesi this was beautiful well done


  • Simon Skuce says:

    What a brilliant performance. Amazing vocals. I have shared for you.

  • Mark SM says:

    I’ll check back later–the video won’t load.

  • 12345artboy says:

    Awesome job my friend

  • Rhetorical20 says:

    That is incredible Alesi! Great job.

  • ShaneGalloOfficial says:

    Alesi, that was AMAZING (as always!). Wow. I am jealous of everyone who gets to see you perform live because I want to see you perform live hahaha.

  • toff358 says:

    And thank *you*! ^_^ Marvellous, Alesi, that you`re getting all these opportunities to sing live, such great experience for you… Fine rendition of an up beat song, sung with absolute confidence, accuracy and with great accomplishment! Rodger

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