MEME: Memorable Monday Meme – Week 1

Welcome to our new Meme, in which we like to call … “MEMORABLE MONDAY MEME” … where every Monday you can tell us your most Memorable Songs and Singers of all time in relation to a themed question that we propose. Here’s how to participate:

(A) A New meme theme question will be presented every Monday HERE IN OUR BLOG
(B) You take the question back to your blog and post your answer ON YOUR BLOG. This can be either text post, podcast, video log, affiliated links, etc (it’s your blog – and up to you)
(C) Come back to our blog and in the comments, link back to your permanent link and blog … Do not bother to write your answers again .. we will come visit you on your blog and read them over there.
(D) If you do not have a blog, just post your answers in the comment section!
(E) That’s it! Enjoy!

Memorable Monday Meme – Week 1

It’s September 11, 2006 .. five years later …

(a) Name 3 songs that you listened to five years ago, and the artist, on September 11, 2001

(b) Name 3 songs that you listened to today, and the artist, on September 11, 2006

(c) Name 3 songs that you’ve listened to since 9/11 that most reminds you of September 11, 2001 .. and tell us why it is memorable for you.

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