Michelle Branch – “Goodbye To You” Official Music Video

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  • G0neguy says:

    Goodbye Lianne…

  • billabong9494 says:

    First time I heard this song, it annoyed me like you would not believe… But a good friend of mine insisted on putting it on the driving soundtrack he makes for me every month. It’s always on there. It’s become a part of me now…

  • nikkinikoll says:

    so.. what the hecks with the fish??! and didnt she sell that necklace if so why did she put it on in the end? im so confused

  • iciolli says:

    i really liked Michelle. it too bad she went country.

  • Bennylovesyou says:

    @nikkinikoll The video goes backwards in segments so the clip of her releasing the goldfish is the end. Imo, the goldfish represents herself– she’s finding herself and setting herself free.

  • fakechili says:

    she sucks at lip syncing…
    but the song and lyrics are great.

  • tristanthetemplar says:

    @BigMillFO3 Can i just say i found this song on youtube because i just watched tabula rasa again and i love that buffy helped make this sogn famous cause its fucking awesome. it always makes me cry at the end of that episode.

  • DarkestShadow98 says:

    does anyone else think she has beautiful, flawless skin?

  • mjm324 says:

    by dumping that goldfish into that lake or whatever that was, she is adding non-native species to that ecosystem, whoops a daisy

  • HeartYukitty says:

    @BigMillFO3 I believe that is how she got popular.
    You gotta agree that the Bronze always has really good music.

  • Tim8573 says:

    @raynarayskye she is still around for sure. Working on a new album as a matter of fact

  • onenonlymiss6 says:

    she is part of a duo called the wreckers! yes still around.. love her! and this song- couldnt of said it better myself lol

  • hanayosei says:

    … the Wreckers broke up…

  • MrSasyB says:

    oh my god this remembers me to when tara broke up with willow… sooo sad! ok i’m starting to cry…

  • MarieDomander says:

    I’ve always loved this song, but now it feels like I like it even more.

  • MarieDomander says:

    I love this song so much!

  • emnize86 says:

    Good episode of Buffy, Tara leaves willow for doing to much magic =(

  • noellesaurus says:

    This song reminds me of my friend who have to let go of the girl he loves. 🙁

  • Fyaclash says:

    Cette est dans un film (ou une série, je ne sais plus) que j’ai vu. Je sais que j’ai pleurée à ce moment et je ne sais plus de quel film il s’agit. Can you help me please ?

  • MsLauraa93 says:

    her songs always have a meaning 🙂

  • mikeykhulit says:

    well according to her interview on billboard.she just want to sing her own song i mean those music she compose.

  • shortankute says:

    @raynarayskye She just did a song recently with Timbaland called Getaway. This is the most recent song that I have been notified about in regards to her career. Perhaps there are more, but she did get married and have a child. It could possibly explain her disappearing from the music scene for awhile.

  • nevershoutshye says:

    @DarkestShadow98 she does..

  • favoriteunderwear says:

    She’s so beautiful 🙂

  • edwizzle06 says:

    This song will always remind me of the final scenes of LC and LO and those other two irrelevant bitches from Laguna Beach season 1, the prom episode.

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