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Dedicated to all the people struggling for freedom and dignity in the world. Maher’s Zain new music video, inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and across the Arab world. Concert footage from Maher Zain’s concerts in Malaysia at the Malawati Stadium, Shah Alam, on the 25th and 26th of February 2011

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  • P0okyMoOna says:


  • ayub116 says:

    allahuakbar mashallah maher zain never stop with the meaningful nasheeds

  • ayub116 says:

    we r the warriors of islam and we need to fight 4 islam thumps up if u agree

  • jimmy87284 says:

    freedom for palistinian poor people we must help them….

  • ISamuelII says:

    This talk of “fighting for islam” is bunk, how about freedom for all no matter what your beliefs or lack there of.

    Islam is of peace??? But how do some translate some words to mean fight non muslums just for being alive? No freedom to live a real peaceful life in your minds?

    It’s the jew liars, that is their ways and you fall right into their plans. I’ve heard the sick jew needs more organs for the fat life they had destroying themselves from the inside.

  • ISamuelII says:

    @ak02q1 Never going to happen, but then that is how they wanted you to think.

  • misshamnah says:

    Awww Mashallah <33333

  • Xercedes2000 says:

    u are a true artist u rule allahuakbar

  • afg1prince1wasse says:

    Great Voice !!!

  • themaneo says:

    Wonderful song Maher! Always… This is really a great song for your upcoming Album.. Love the messages in there.

  • fuada128 says:

    Oh God thank you
    For giving us the strength to hold on
    And now we’re here together

    Calling you for freedom, freedom
    We know you can hear our call ooh
    We’re calling for freedom, fighting for freedom
    We know you won’t let us fall oh
    We know you’re here with us

  • miss3sha87 says:

    mashallah beautiful video and song

  • TheMohdshahril says:

    @ultrakelate agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arazidieqie says:

    freedom for All, no war, no race discrimination,,, proud to be islam… peaceful religious.. we all same in Allah Viewing.. but just Iman and Taqwa make us be different… what ever ur Nationality,, we r in the same way.. do the best for islam…

  • TheLuckyOptimist says:

    @afg1prince1wasse yeah, u r right!!! Thanks for the new song and for your talent, dear Maher. I used many of your songs in a post named “Calling for Peace and Freedom” on my personal blog LuckyOptimist. com Category Inspiration ♥ Let’s live in peace – Insha Allah – with love from Ukraine

  • kapuracak says:

    @ultrakelate this is the different between us and other religion 🙂 were brothers and sister 🙂 even we didnt know each other

  • slumberzable says:

    @arazidieqie thats true….>,<

  • AbdelRahmanFaried says:

    proud to be Egyptian
    proud to be Tunisian
    proud to be Libyan
    proud to be Yemeni
    proud to be Syrian
    proud to be Arabian Muslim 🙂

  • Tsukiko8794 says:

    this song needs to be longer >u< probably my fav song from him yet! FREEDOM~!!!

  • N3WGURL101 says:

    May Allah free all. 8 Israelis disliked this video. Proud to be Muslim. Long Live ISLAM ALLAHU AKBAR. Beautiful song :).

  • kayTdjah4 says:

    was watching this the first time at the shah alam concert! the best one to date! congrats! Islam will rise, InshaAllah

  • hussainv1 says:

    @TheLuckyOptimist mashallah!!! brother from India..

  • seru42000 says:

    MashAllah!!! Palestine will be free! Muslim brother from Azerbaijan, Caucasus – from the shore of Caspian sea with love 🙂

  • MojahidFreeSyria says:

    Inshallah Freedom is coming very soon to Syria…

  • SYamooraSY says:

    plz come to syria……………………

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