Meme: Take Me Back Tuesday – Week 63

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Take Me Back Tuesday – Week 63

I’m feeling a little springy…
So the usual format if you will, Spring and spring related words are the theme.

Name three songs with the related words in the title.
Name three artists with the related words in their name.
Name three albums with the related words in their name.

happy meme’ing.
A slightly kinder and gentler Fallen now that the rain has turned to sun.

This was a tough challenge

In fact, I would say that I got only 2 out of 3 because I am not intelligent enough to think of albums that have spring related words in them – heck – I can’t even remember where I put my cell phone half the time when I’m charging up the batteries! However, I gave it my best shot .. and that’s all one can ever ask of another, right?


Season‘s Of Wither” – (Aerosmith)

Seasons In The Sun” – (Terry Jacks)

Springtime In Vienna (live)” – (Tragically Hip)


“Horse With No Name” – (Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young)

EDIT: March 30, 2006 .. see comments

“Spooky” – (Dusty Springfield from the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Guns soundtrack)

“Born To Run (live)” – Bruce Springsteen


(due to Writer’s Block – Privilege to change the rules :Ptftftf)

Springtime Song” – (Each On Set)

“Come Out And Play” – (Offspring)

“(Nothing But) Flowers” – (Talking Heads)

These were my alternate choices for the last selection ..

“Son Of A Preacher Man” – (Dusty Springfield)
“Springtime For Hitler” – (Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in the Original Broadway Cast of ‘The Producers’)


NOTE: These songs are for perusal only .. and will be removed upon entry into the next Meme by .. me! If you want them to ~listen~ to them *nudge, nudge, say no more* .. let me know .. // H

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  • -joe says:

    I’m as restless as a willow in a rainstorm da da
    da d da . . . . SOmething “Spring Fever”
    maybe the second line is I’m a jumpy a frog da da da da . . . It’s a Standard which shouldn’t have been left out, even if i can’t think of the words;-) (might be windstorm)

  • HART says:

    You mean .. Frank Sinatra?

    Frank Sinatra It Might As Well Be Spring lyrics Frank Sinatra It Might As Well Be Spring lyrics

    I’m as restless as a willow in a windstorm
    I’m as jumpy as puppet on a string
    I’d say that I had spring fever
    But I know it isn’t spring
    I am starry eyed and vaguely discontented
    Like a nightingale without a song to sing
    O why should I have spring fever
    When it isn’t even spring
    I keep I were someone else
    Walking down a strange new street
    And hearing words that I’ve never head
    From a girl I’ve yet to meet
    I’m as busy as spider spinning daydreams
    Spinning spinning daydreams
    I’m as giggy as a baby on a swing
    I haven’t seen a crocus or a rosebud
    Or a robin on the wing
    But I feel so gay in a melancholy way
    That it might as well be spring
    It might as
    Well be

    Good one.

  • -joe says:

    When I think Dusty Springfield I hear “Look Of Love” Are you sure a female vocalist didn’t have a hit with “It Might As Well Be Spring”

  • -joe says:

    are sure you didn.t put “Americas “ver. instead of
    “Horse With No Name” – (Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young) please double check -joe

  • HART says:

    Hi Joe.

    One thing I am 100% Absolutely sure … the “horse with no name” same linked above is DEFINATELY titled as Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young. The .mp3 file size is 3889kb. I also have a few other sizes .. 9920kb and 3893kb. Some of the other titles in my collection are named…

    Buffalo Springfield-A Horse With no Name
    (derivatives with .mp3 extensions)
    Eagles-A Horse with no name
    Crosby Stills Nash Young-Horse with no mame
    Neil Young-A Horse with no name … and
    America-A Horse With No name.

    Unfortunately, I think you are correct! They all sound the same, despite different sound levels. I couldn’t verify or find a “real” Buffalo Springfield version … in fact, I don’t think it exists. You can go crazy (or have fun) with all the related links…

    A Horse With No Name
    Buffalo Springfield or Here
    Maybe you can check it from this link (we Canucks aren’t allowed access here)
    Oh – here’s Amazon sampling .. definately sounds like America

    Thanks Joe for clearing this up. Those dang hippies … sounding like our Local Boy Neil Young

  • -joe says:

    Sorry I haven’t gone back to your comments. I’m going to listen again maybe it’s a Karoke version
    she did at the lounge. -joe

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