When – Jesse Emmanuel – Official Music Video

When - Jesse Emmanuel - Official Music Video(video) \ The first single from Jesse Emmanuel’s album “Worth the While”, out January 2013. Video by Ross Wood at 171 Entertainment. Song produced by Rob Bostock of Rustic Studios. “When” is about never giving up, working hard to make your dreams come true even when people don’t believe in you and want to put you down. They’re always saying ‘keep on trying’ But motivation’s slowly dying I can’t even tell you where I’ve been They’re always saying ‘don’t give up girl Soon you’re gonna have the whole world Down and honouring you on their knees’ But when, oh when do I get to draw the line, time after time When i fail, when I fail And when, oh when do I get to call it mine, one day I might Get to reach my holy grail I’m climbing up an endless ladder And many rungs have fallen after And I can’t see the to

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