[VGG] Video Game Glitch! – Dubstep Song (Original)

[VGG] Video Game Glitch! - Dubstep Song (Original)(video) \ Hi butterflies with apple ear buds! I decided to try something different today, I made a poo- DUBSTEP! c: I usually don’t like dubstep but I do like making it! I used Fruity Loops Studio and an old version of Mixcraft in a few parts! If you don’t like it just say so! Susuusususususuusuuuu~ ▏♥â-¡â™¥â–â™¥â-¡â™¥â–â™¥â-¡â™¥â–â™¥â-¡â™¥â–â™¥â-¡â™¥â–â™¥â-¡â™¥ Ai’s Photo Tumblr: kaw-ai.tumblr.com Ai’s Personal Tumblr: dokiai.tumblr.com (NSFW) Ai’s Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/JellyGirlAi Have a logo you want to send Ai for her to use in her video? Have a picture or song you want Ai to see? Email her at YourLittleAi@gmail.com ! ▏♥â-¡â™¥â–â™¥â-¡â™¥â–â™¥â-¡â™¥â–â™¥â-¡â™¥â–â™¥â-¡â™¥â–â™¥â-¡â™¥ QOTD: Does it sound good? 😮 (Made and edited (really late/early) Aughu

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