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This video features my arrangement for solo lyre, “The Song of Seikilos”, unique in musical history, as it is the only piece of music from antiquity in the entire Western world, that has SO far been found, which has survived in its COMPLETE form, and unlike much earlier surviving fragments of melodies that have been found, this song is written in a totally unambiguous ALPHABETICAL musical notation, which can be played, note for note, as it was written…2000 YEARS AGO: This melody is an amazing musical legacy from ancient Greece; a precious remnant of a long-forgotten musical culture now forever lost in the mists of time… About 2000 years after it was written, this melody was rediscovered in 1883, in its complete & original form. It was found inscribed in marble on an ancient Greek burial stele, bearing the following epitaph: “I am a portrait in stone. I was put here by Seikilos, where I remain forever, the symbol of timeless remembrance”. The timeless words of the song are: “Hoson zes, phainou Meden holos su lupou; Pros oligon esti to zen To telos ho chronos apaitei” Translation – “While you live, shine Don’t suffer anything at all; Life exists only a short while And time demands its toll” All of my 9 albums of mystical, ancient lyre music are now available from iTunes… 1)”An Ancient Lyre”: 2)”King David’s Lyre; Echoes of Ancient Israel”: 3)”The Ancient Biblical Lyre”: 4)”Lyre of the Levites”: 5)”Apollo’s Lyre

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