Seussical the Musical – Part 5 – Amazing Mayzie, Amazing Gertrude, Monkey Around, Chasing the Whos

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Part 5 This is our interperetation of Seussical the Musical, performed by myself and the rest of my Musical Theatre class. It basically the real deal, with a little 80’s rock theme added and a few scenes taken out. This was filmed by another one of our actors parents, not mine. Special thanks goes out to Shelli Delgado and her parents for providing this footage for me. Directed by: Drew Doss Head Choreographer: Melissa Darnell Chorus Teacher: Renee Costigan All of you were fantastic teachers! Thank you so much for all you did for me while I was in school! Cast List: Cat in the Hat: Kelsey Dutlinger Horton the Elephant: Zach Roberts (Me) Jojo: Emily McCannon Gertrude: McCall Stiles Mayzie: Shelli Delgado Sour Kangaroo: Collier Cobb General Ghengis Khan Shmitz: Tyler Beckett Mayor: Dayne Joyner Mayors Wife: Kelsey Eichbaur Bird Girls: Katie Callahan, Emily Edmund, Jackie Raye, Haley Brown Wickersham Brothers: Mitchell Browning, Casey Henderson, Tyler Beckett, Will Coile Yertle the Turtle: Hannah Sikes The Grinch: Ben Cisse The Hunters: Ruskee Porterfield, Kalyn Hardman Vlad Vladicoff: Laura Camp Ensamble: Ben Cisse, Rebecca Whitted, Ruskee Porterfield, Kalyn Hardman, Hannah Sikes, Cassie Lee, Lindsay Whestal, Leah Dickerson, Amberlee Crowe, Taylor Erbenhart, Amberley Chandler Backstage: Laura Camp, Mattie Whitesell, Haley Davis, Taylor Davis (Technical Director) This was performend at North Oconee High School on May 15th and 16th, 2009 We spent about 5 months rehersing for

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