Ryan Leslie – “Glory” (Official Music Video)

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Single + Instrumental available on iTunes now. Click to download: itunes.apple.com GLORY — Ryan Leslie VERSE 1 Listen, they tried to put me in a box — “the urban dude” I missed the festivals — Coachella, Bonnaroo They never really understood what I was tryna do And had me feelin’ Miles Davis kind of blue I flipped the switch and put that rock star in my show Went overseas and had them cop cars whippin’ slow They lookin’ for me I was bad with a black band Eatin’ everybody in the game — Pac Man The only issue is — it’s not a game I got these kids lookin’ at me sayin’ what a shame He’s so underrated — he should have sold more Should have had a number one record with his own tour Look at his live show — look how he touch them keys Look how them girls scream when he fall to his knees Look how he pour his heart out when he tell his story I guess I had to spill my guts so I could get my glory VERSE2 Have you ever even seen such determination Despite it all, I’m still a fiend for the adulation Everything I ever wrote I did it from the heart Never had a top ten but you still respect my art I’m in the club and they still send me free bottles Still push that G55 with a supermodel That’s my reality — this ain’t no show brother Go check my girl on that February Vogue cover And catch me whippin thru the city in that silver G Kid’s screamin’ “oh that’s Ryan Leslie”, yeah they know it’s me I’m not ashamed at all — in fact I love my story No matter what it takes I’ma get my glory

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