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RATT – “Back For More” available on iTunes: tinyurl.com Album: Out of the Cellar Year: 1984 Label: Atlantic Records This official music video is copyright 1984 Atlantic Records. I do not claim ownership to this video or song. All rights reserved by copyright holders. Vocals: Stephen Pearcy Guitar: Warren DeMartini Guitar: Robbin Crosby (RIP) Bass: Juan Croucier Drums: Bobby Blotzer The lyrics are posted below: You turn him away, you tell him you’re mine You make him believe you’re but one of a kind You give him a cold look, you tell him a lie You turn him away, girl, you know you’re mine (Chorus) And you’re back, you’re back for more You turn away, you’re back for more You gave him an inch, he took you a mile He made you believe you’re society’s child Then get in his new car, get in his style I told you his way, he won’t take you far (Chorus) (repeat) Solo (Chorus) (repeat)

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