Radiohead – The Bends [Live at The Astoria]

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Radiohead, playing “The Bends”, from the same-name music album. Radiohead, in the “Live at the Astoria” concert on 27 May 1994, notable mainly for its collection of songs that would not appear until the release of THE BENDS, ten months later. It is also Radiohead’s only concert home video/DVD to date. This dvd captures Radiohead playing an absolutely amazing gig. The quality of the performance is remarkable – Thom Yorke’s soaring voice, Jonny Greenwood’s frantic yet precise lead guitar, Ed O’Brien’s haunting atmospheric sound. The tightness and balance of the band is awe-inspiring. The gig features songs from Pablo Honey and The Bends (plus a few others). These are Radiohead’s more ‘conventional, pre-experimental’ songs, which will appeal to any fans of current UK rock music. They feature catchy melodies, great lyrics and amazing, powerful instrumentals. Director: Brett Turnbull.

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