Radioboxer’s Amazing Performance at Grand Central! :)

Radioboxer's Amazing Performance at Grand Central! :)(video) \ Check out Radioboxer at and be sure to “Like” this amazing must-see band. Radioboxer has been invited back to Will Call in Miami where they will play on Friday November 9, 2012. On Saturday November 3, 2012, Radioboxer performed at Grand Central in Miami. They put on an AMAZING show–which is why Radioboxer is so in demand. Radioboxer, an amazing award-winning band, always puts on a fantastic show for their audience! In addition to their award-winning talent and performances, Radioboxer has a heart. This amazing band stands for many great causes, including getting the word out to vote (no matter for who, but to exercise one’s right to be heard); to adopt a pet; to stand up for others’ rights, and many other great causes. To know Radioboxer is to love them!

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