Novi Novak – Black and Yellow (Official Music Video) [HD]

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Follow Me On Like me on Facebook: Novi Novak – Black And Yellow Official Music Video FREE DOWNLOADS ON ALL MY MUSIC: Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow Remix (Novi Novak Remix) G Mix Lyrics: I’m so high… I might kick you in the head on accident man. You know the… The microphone smell like weed right? That’s ok though! SWAG CITY!!!! Novi Nove! Im here now bitch! Who you fuckin with? Cuz I know it aint me! Okay, okay okay okay Beat it up speed it up in a six seater truck/ All game no luck one woman no slut I stuck/ Your insides sweeter than a tricker treaters guts/ (suh) Then she knows where I’m at I’m in the booth chillin/ Tryin tuh make the whole world mine you lookin at a super villian/ In the club it’s real n’, with the champagne shootin stupid spillin/ Tryin tuh get that hat the fuck happened last night feelin!?”/ N’ that’s real to the tenth power/ Smokin on that Steve Harvey gettin Mr. Hightower-ed/ Yea! I smoke tuh flow, yea! yea! I got that smokey flow/ Yes you can get in the car it’s go be smokey though/ I burn money on trees call it smokey dough/ Burnin every tree I see….. Don’t tell Smokey though!!!!!/ Cuz only I can commit forest fires!/ From Writing with tightness, Like my hands got, Arthritis/ Wait a second?! Here the right switch!/ Flight attendant!? Will you light this?/ Simmer down cuz the big blunt make a simmer sound/ in the car with the low light lights dimmered down/ spit flow on the mic till the mic

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