NOFX: Cokie The Clown [Official Video]

NOFX: Cokie The Clown [Official Video](video) \ Fat Wreck Chords Presents “Cokie The Clown” By NOFX ALL RIGHTS Go To NOFX (Mike, Melvin, Hefe, and Smelly) Vocals: Fat Mike/ Melvin Written By: Fat Mike *Lyrics* Melvin: All the way from Palm Springs, just out of detox. Show him a warm welcome, let’s get some applause. Mike: Greetings all, hello. Welcome to my show. I’m sure you’ll have fun watching me juggle 8 balls at one time, I’m no fucking mime. I play practical jokes, this squirting flower. That wasn’t flour that blew up your nose. It’s my special blend of Ex, Coke and K. You should be okay in several hours. Melvin: He’s got oversized shoes, and ill fitting clothes. That is real blood dripping from his fake red nose. Mike: I’m Cokie the Clown. I will drag you down those 12 giant steps. I brought you all presents. Against good judgeme

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