Mike Lynche – “Ready for Love” on American Idol TOP10 – Season 9 // March 30 2010

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www.American-Idol-HD.com Usher tells Mike to project to the back of the room. He demonstrates how to look through the camera to connect to the audience. Its a little creepy! Big Mike gets his guitar back, sits on a stool and sings. No big stage moves this week. A very quiet performancefor the most part, Mike has extraordinary vocal control. Very pretty. This is very different from what hes been doing in the live shows. Will the judges find it boring? Randy says, Very sensitive song, you are in the zone, Im loving every performance, it wasnt as exciting, but its good to pull back once in a while Ellen says, That was beautiful. She also makes a joke about Michael performing with his back to the judges (they had to watch it on a monitor) Kara says, I never heard that song before you picked it, you did an incredible job with it, you got to the true emotion of the song, tasteful, lovely. Simon says, This is probably the first time that I can actually take you seriously as an artist, although it was a little gloomy, you were being original, having a moment, instead of singing silly karaoke, I believed that performance, I thought it was terrific. Usher says, You did it man. Siobhan Magnus Through The Fire Casey James Hold On Im Coming Mike Lynche Ready for Love Didi Benami What Becomes of a Broken Heart Tim Urban Sweet Love Andrew Garcia Forever Katie Stevens Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin Lee Dewyze Treat Her Like A Lady Crystal Bowersox Midnight Train to Georgia Aaron Kelly

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