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You by Lloyd One of his best song featuring Lil Wayne full screen high definition 720p HD Lyrics: [Lil Wayne] Its major move right here baby You gotta get wit it or get lost (Ya understand?) [Lloyd] (Yea) Its Young Lloyd Reporting live from Atlanta, Georgia (Weezy F Baby) Decatur where its greater And uh I want all my sexy ladies to report to the dance floor immediately We gon’ Golden Glide dis one ya’ll Speak Weezy [Lil Wayne] (Yea) Right off the back ma the boy got dollars So women come frequent like flight mileage It ain’t no secret (I) I might holla But I ain’t gon’ sweat ya baby Imma let ya Catch up wit ya game Run faster Don’t let em lose ya cause I ain’t gon’ bless ya Unless ya Feel a lil desperate Send a nigga a text message girl [Lloyd] Stop!…wait a minute The way you move that girl you done got my heart all in it And I just wanna be with you tonight (girl please) Imma playa yeah, it’s true But I change the game for you I wanna see what it do [Hook – Lloyd] can I be for real? Dis is how I feel I’m in need of love So let’s dip up out of here Ooohh ya just my type Everything’s so right I just wanna chill Lets dip up out of here (Lets dip up out of here) [Chorus – Lloyd] I ha ha haaaa haaaaa (She’s fine too but I want you) I ha ha ha haaaa haaaaa (She’s fine too but I want you) [Lloyd] ((I) I admit it) Dis just ain’t no game these just ain’t words (That I’m spitting) If you could see the thoughts that’s in my head (That’s in my head) (I’m tripping) Imma playa yeah

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