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Preorder Katy B’s Debut Album “On A Mission” here!! Amazon: amzn.to | Play.com: bit.ly | HMV.com: bit.ly Katy B’s next single is OUT NOW!! Click to buy bit.ly Add Katy B on Facebook – www.facebook.com and on Twitter – www.twitter.com Click To Buy Katy On A Mission! bit.ly Join the Katy B Mailing List – bit.ly Rinse presents Katy B’s first single ‘Katy On A Mission’ Written by Katy B, Benga & Geeneus Vocals Recorded by Geeneus at EMI Engineered & Mixed by Geeneus at Zinc’s Studio Published by EMI Music Publishing Mastered by Beau Thomas at Masterpiece —– [Verse 1] In this room of darkness I aint undercover That won’t stop my prowess rubbing off on to another Elevating higher as my body’s moving lower Now I’ve reached my element you better move over But he doesn’t he blocks my way I try to push past but he wants to play So I sip his drink as I hold his gaze Ooh [Chorus] When we erupt in to the room And hear the sub go boom A feeling easy to resume This right here I swear will end too soon So I sink in to the tune As I inhale the fume A feeling easy to resume This right here I swear will end to soon [Verse 2] My limbs seem to move what the beat dictates to me I push in to the middle the sound becomes a part of me Taking me back to that sweet familiarity Making my adrenalin rise I feel the eyes on me Sip the bottle now don’t be slow Keep up with me as we lose control Keep up with me as we lose control [Chorus]

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