Kasper Bjørke: Heaven (Official music video)

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„Smell of you baby, my senses, My senses be praised Kissing and running, Kissing and running away Nothing will harm you, Nothing will stand in your way” These lines may seem strangely familiar and while listening further you’ll most likely be carried away into celestial places before landing back on terra firma, before it strikes you: ‘Heaven’ is a coverversion of The Rolling Stones old classic from the 1981 „Tattoo You” album, which Kasper Bjørke has turned into a rousing, floating and sublime post-disco summer anthem. The strings are performed by top dog Italian string composer and arranger Davide Rossi (best known for his work with Goldfrapp, The Verve, Coldplay and the latest Alicia Keys hit „New York”). Vocals are by Danish Louise Foo, leadsinger in the much talked about new band Giana Factory, which will drop their debut album later this year. The song’s dreamlike atmosphere has been perfectly transcribed into a stunning music video by Florence Tetier, Swiss graphic designer, art director and multi artist, who has done both Kasper’s album artwork as well as making the video for the 1st single „Young Again” together with Florian Joye and Karim Huu Do. For „Heaven” Florence teamed up once more with her friend Florian Joye, a photographer and multi artist and came up with an installation scenario where mirrors, star-filters, a wind-machine, lipgloss, makeup and a beautiful girl in a wonderfully designed dress makes you feel like you’ve been swirled into a burlesque

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