Justin Bieber – That Should Be Me (Official Music Video) By Jardc87

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YOU’RE WELCOME JB!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARE THE VIDEO AND PUT IT ON YOUR OFFICIAL YOUTUBE PAGE!! I CANT BELIEVE IT! 😀 we did it because is an amazing song! And we love ur music! Happy new year!! We are really glad! My cousin is jumping of happines! She love you and everything you do! THANK YOU! And thank you so much to all the people who say a lot of beautiful stuff about my work! Thanks! I’m really gratefull! Find me on twitter: @jardc87 and my cousin:@paulaColme and my other cousin the boy is: @stebanncabrera This is a music video for the song That Should Be Me By Justin Bieber from the album My World Acoustic it’s a really awesome album i listen it everyday! My fav songs are Down To Earth and That Should Be Me! Something like this happened a while ago to me… and since the first time i listened this song I knew that I had to do something is amazing … This is a way to express my feeling and its too a gift to my cousin Paula who is the girl on the video I hope you really like it! I love you! =) She’s a big fan of Justin too! She said to me that write on the description that she never will do something like this to you JB xD Enjoy the video!!! and thank you too to my family who also appear on the video Dany, Esteban and Vanessa! 😉 This take me 2 weeks! I made everything on the video, it was a lot of work but it worth! I feel very proud of this work! ENJOY! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! PLEASE COMMENT, RATE AND SUBSCRIBE!! I do NOT claim rights to

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