Just For A Moment Official Music Video(Original) – JDC ft. Holly AnnAeRee

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Support me and get my first single on iTunes here! =) bit.ly worldwide downloads available through bandcamp! jasonchenmusic.bandcamp.com MUSIC NEVER SLEEPS. T-shirts now available worldwide! jasonchen.bigcartel.com (combine shipping for up to 8 shirts!) Featuring the amazing makeup guru and good friend of mine – Holly AnnAeRee! http If you enjoy this track please click the link to tweet! =) clicktotweet.com Follow me on twitter and facebook!! www.facebook.com www.twitter.com Lyrics: Just for a moment, can we escape Just for a moment, we’ll find a common place Girl it aint easy, to stay away from you baby I just gotta say girl, but Just for a moment, this is our song This is a moment, where you and I belong Girl I’ve been waiting, I know you’re waiting No need to say it, so close your eyes girl Just for a moment Verse 1: Another state, another city got me tired out Flashing lights of cameras flickerin as people shout It’s not enough to hear my baby’s voice on the phone Cause the only fan I care about is back home alone They tellin me that I got plenty o’ time for a relationship Told me to wait on it (no no) Cause ever since the day you came in my life You were my favorite, dont know what to make of it (whoa whoa) Lookin through photos of us in my hotel room After a couple shows you know I’ll be back soon So many sleepless nights, tossing, turning alone aint right Girl you know im impatiently yearnin that Verse 2: Travelin around the world without you Has got me thinkin

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