JoJo – Leave (Get Out) Official Music Video [ORIGINAL] in Best Quality Available! HQ HD

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Note: information from YouTube
[READ FULL DESCRIPTION IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD] This is the best quality available. This music video is not available anywhere in High Quality. I, myself searching for a HQ version of this one, I searched a lot an found this one. This one have 640×480 [but this one is the ORIGINAL VERSION, I was lucky that I found this] resolution but you can see this one has the best quality, at least here on YouTube. [NOTE: Many music videos of JoJo here on youtube are cutted/cropped from above and below so you can’t see all things like in 1 scene of ‘Too Little, Too Late’, you can’t even see JoJo’s face ’cause it was cutted. If you want me to upload the ORIGINALs, just tell me, I will upload them.] Once again, the resolution could be low but the quality is the BEST. And this is my 1st upload. If Anyone wants even more better version. Here It Is: [DOWNLOAD ] MIRROR 1 MIRROR 2 MIRROR 3 SIZE: 209mb Summary: Duration: 00:04:01 Bit Rate: 7266kbps Video: Format: mpeg2video Size: 720×480 Frame rate: 29.97fps Audio: Format: pcm_s16be Bit rate: 1536kbps Sample rate: 48000Hz Channels: stereo [TIP: To experience the best quality I recommend using the latest Cyberlink PowerDVD10 Ultra Version] Thumbs Up if you liked my work Comment and Subscribe for Updates

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