Heart – Barracuda (HQ)

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Hey this is Alzy… thanks for watching TO EVERYONE: thanks for watching!!!! 😀 you’re awesome!!! BUT… I’ve taken off the donate link because, of course, no one cares enough to donate. Anyway, a lot of you are hating for I don’t know what reason. The video was posted in 2007, back in my n00b years, and I have since just stopped doing stuff like this all together. If you feel like a smart-ass and must make an insult about how editing sucks, etc. please keep the comments to yourself and not on the video. You’re not making yourself any cooler. TO GTA PLAYERS: nice 😀 TO GUITAR HERO PLAYERS: …please shut up. Also, just because you can play on expert doesn’t mean you’re cool enough to play guitar. PLAYING GUITAR HERO DOES NOT MAKE YOU COOL NOR DOES IT MEAN YOU HAVE AN AMAZING MUSICAL TASTE (most of you don’t). And please stop making so much noise in guitar center. Even as a super n00b, I played my guitar at barely audible volumes TO TEENAGERS: yes, you’re 12,13,14,15,16,17 years old and you’re listening to music that was released before you were born. No one wants to hear it. And it doesn’t make your musical taste look anymore amazing just because you’re X years old. TO THOSE OF YOU WITH “AMAZING MUSICAL TASTE” You say Justin Bieber- I say STFU You say Miley Cyrus-I say STFU You say T-Pain-I say STFU You say Flowers-I say STFU You say Pink-I say STFU You say Hip Hop-i say STFU! You say Pop-I scream STFU! You say hanah montana-i say STFU!!! 92% of EVERYONE don’t

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